Elden Ring Save File Location

    Elden Ring had us all hyped when it was first announced. It’s noteworthy that so far, FromSoftware – the developers behind Elden ring – has not disappointed us even once in terms of delivering a video game full of quality gameplay, lore, and overall satisfying experience. While some players don’t like the games that are too hard, those who are fine with that hail FromSoftware’s titles as modern classics. We have covered guides on fixing Elden Ring’s low FPS, stuttering issue, and also how the crashing and black screen problems can be solved. Now, it’s time for Elden Ring save file location guide.

    Where is Elden Ring Save File?

    You can find the Windows save game data of Elden Ring in the following location:

    • C:\Users\<Username>\AppData\Roaming\EldenRing\<SteamID>

    For Linux, the players can find the Elden Ring save data here:

    • ~/.steam/steam/steamapps/compatdata/1245620/pfx/

    It is very important that you keep a backup of your save game data. Oftentimes, due to various reasons like system crashing, hardware failure, Steam account blockage, the players can lose the save files of a game. It can make them lose all of the game’s progress i.e. story progression, achievements, collectibles, and as such. Through the paths mentioned above, you can find Elden Ring save file location and make a backup.

    Furthermore, if you want to overwrite your save file with any other user’s save data, you can also do that by simply copying and pasting the new save data into the folders mentioned above. You will be asked to overwrite the data. Click Yes and you will be able to enjoy the progress of other players.

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