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    Elden Ring: Caria Manor Location, Boss, and More

    Elden Ring’s Caria Manor is a location in the extreme north of Liurnia of the Lakes, there lies a sizable estate called the Caria Manor. A large, well-guarded dungeon with numerous interesting items is called Caria Manor. To enter the northeast sub-region of Three Sisters behind the estate, one must defeat the boss and complete this dungeon. It is defined as:

    A large estate situated far to the north of Liurnia. Heavily guarded by all manner of creatures as well as its eternal warden, the spectral Royal Knight Loretta

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    Location of Caria Manor

    If you spot the northernmost portion of the Liurnia of the Lakes region, you’ll easily find the Caria Manor. You must go through the Kingsrealm Ruins’ illusory wall and then take the path that leads to the Main Caria Manor Gate in order to get there. When you get to the Site of Grace, you can safely start looking around Caria Manor.

    Additionally, be aware that Glintstone Arrows will be fired at you while you travel down this path, so use your agility to escape them with Torrent.

    Caria Manor: Gardens

    As you enter the Manor, you’ll come across the main area with three paths going left, right, and ahead. This is the ground level and is filled with Fingercreepers so keep an eye out for them.

    • Two corpses, one with five Rimed Crystal Buds and the other with six Glintstone Fireflies, may be found on the left side of the gardens.
    • You can find four Golden Runes, two Somber Smithing Stones 2, and a Smithing Stone 2 by ascending the middle stone walkway
    • The Glintstone Craftsman’s Cookbook 6 is located by the right-most wall in a room inside a ruin.
    • The Ice Crest Shield is located further into the ruin, while a Teardrop Scarab that drops the Carian Piercer sorcery is located as you move along the middle walkway from here.
    • The nearby corpses provide a total of five Rimed Crystal Buds.

    Caria Manor: Chapel

    Located to the west of the Gardens is the Chapel. A Site of Grace is located on the higher level, and walkways in the grounds connect it to the upper level of the house, where you can access a variety of valuables.

    Right path

    Take the right path first, which goes practically directly away from the Site of Grace. When you get to a staircase on your left, glance over the railing, then descend.

    • Go left and look for a Golden Rune under the wooden steps.
    • When you reach a location with Spider Hands and a body you can loot for a Urumi.
    • Once you reach an Abductor Virgin, turn around and continue walking until you reach a dead body with Sombre smithing stone 3.

    Left Path

    One of Elden Ring’s potent and distinctive weapons, the Sword of Night and Flame, can be found at the end of the road to the left.

    • After taking the left path all the way to the finish and obtaining the Rune Arc on the backside of the last tower walkway, turn around (northeast).
    • Below, you’ll see a rooftop landing. Run to the rooftop, jump to the next rooftop to the north, and then down there.
    • You can see a ladder there that is descending into a structure.
    caria manor
    • You can now enter a room that was previously unreachable if you slide down the ladder. The Sword of Night and Flame is kept in the chest in this space.

    Middle Path

    Once you return to the middle, proceed straight ahead. This would be though the bridge and have many opponents here. Go past them and avoid as many as you can. Continue to the next building and take the elevator up to the next site of grace once you reach the end.

    Manor Upper Level

    • The estate’s northern part is known as the Manor Upper Level. Head out the western doorway after grabbing the Site of Grace.
    • A Golden Seed is directly in front of you, past the stairway.
    • On the right side of this courtyard, before continuing northwest, there is a corpse holding three Rimed Crystal Buds.
    • A lofty region elevated high above the gardens and defended by Direwolves and Wandering Noble zombies can be found directly past the gateway at the top of the steps. To the east, past the Direwolves, is a huge stone archway.
    • There is another way where you have to fight Troll. If you choose to fight the Troll Knight he drops his weapon, the Troll Knight’s Sword.
    caria manor
    • Continue further through the stone arches to reach a sizable circular seating area. As soon as you enter the center of this space, Royal Knight Loretta will show up in front of you.

    Caria Manor Boss: Royal Knight Loretta

    caria manor

    In Elden Ring, Royal Knight Loretta is a boss. The ghost of a knight on a horse is Royal Knight Loretta. The Caria Manor in northern Liurnia of the Lakes is her territory, and she defends it with a polearm and strong glintstone sorceries. In order to enter the northeastern parts of Liurnia behind the estate, which contain sites crucial to the story, players must battle Royal Knight Loretta.

    In Caria Manor, near the Moongazing Grounds, is Royal Knight Loretta. To get here, you must first ascend to the top level, which is the sizable circular platform northwest of the manor.

    • Health: NG 4200
    • Resistance (Immunity): Poison, Scarlet Rot, Hemorrhage, Frostbite, Death
    • Parriable: Yes


    Carian PhalanxSwings her polearm around, calling forth five glintblades that, after a brief delay, fly in the direction of her intended target. She calls forth 8 glintblades when her health falls below 50%. Glintblades track moderately.
    Glintstone StarShe cast a simple sorcery spell from the polearm’s butt.
    Loretta’s Greatbowshoots a powerful arrow after briefly charging her greatbow. On impact, the arrow explodes and causes terrible harm. utilised only at 50% or lower.
    Polearm Slashdiagonal cuts that frequently follow up with an overhead cut or other movements.
    Polearm Staba swift forward thrust that frequently follows a diagonal slash
    Overhead Slasha swift downward slash that typically comes after a diagonal slash. possesses good tracking.
    Loretta’s SlashLoretta prepares an assault by pulling her polearm to the side. She then flies horizontally in a huge arc.
    Glintstone StarsSecond Phase Attack: Loretta launches four magic bolts that resemble the sorcery Glintstone Stars while aiming the edge of her halberd at the player. During the second phase, this assault is utilised in place of Glintstone Pebble. possesses good tracking.

    Here are few tips on how to avoid her attacks:

    • Keep your distance and move around as much as you can.
    • For attacks like Glintstone Star and Loretta’s Greatbow, learn the precise timing of the attack and then move away as the distance helps it. If you don’t have a good distance, roll dodge.
    • During the Polearm attack, dodge by sliding under the polearm’s starting position.
    • For Glintstone Stars, you’ll need to focus on dodge for a few seconds as this attack may get repeated several times.

    Main Fight: Phase One

    First and foremost, remember to keep your distance from her as much as you can. Use attacks and magic to cover a large range so you don’t have to get close. With this stressed enough, let’s move on to how to defeat her.

    The main thing that you’ll need to do is to understand her fighting pattern and how to avoid her attacks. You can dodge and avoid all of her attacks if you move fast enough. None of the attacks are on a large scale making you trapped. Use speed to your advantage. With this distance, keep throwing easy and fast attacks toward her. Don’t choose the ones with prep time as she can get close and hit you.

    Main Fight: Phase Two

    When her life drops down to half, the second phase will start. There aren’t many changes in her pattern or attacks other than the fact that they deal more damage now. Some of her attacks become combo moves which make you focus more on dodging than attacking.

    Carian Phalanx is the move used by her a lot. It can be quite annoying but once you know how to avoid it, you can remove it in an instant. In the first phase, only three swords are summoned but the number increases in phase two. The swords come at you in two turns so don’t be fooled by the first one and dodge the second attack before moving forward.

    Also with some of her heavy attacks, once she uses it, you’ll have a big enough window to strike a few powerful moves on her. This kind of makes phase 2 easier as now you can finish her off quicker than phase one.

    Once Royal Knight Loretta is defeated, the following items are dropped.

    • Rune Arc x1
    • Furlcalling Finger Remedy x1
    • Loretta’s Greatbow
    • Loretta’s Slash Ash of War
    • 10,000 runes

    Three-Sisters Area

    When Caria Manor boss, Loretta is defeated, a Site of Grace will appear in her arena, allowing access to the Three Sisters sub-region. You can enter this Three Sisters sub-region at its entrance to the northwest of the Royal Moongazing Grounds site of grace. Although it might seem like Caria Manor has come to an end, there is still one further section to go, and it can only be reached by traveling via the Three Sisters region.

    • In order to obtain Ash of War: Chilling Mist, search the collapsing remains for a scarab that you should dispatch as soon as possible. return to the trail after that.
    • To find five Old Fangs, climb back up the ladder from where the Pidia is and onto the roof in front of you. You can safely jump down to the wall part below you if you look southwest, which is where you should be looking.
    • You can jump down to some additional wooden platforms by moving southeast and down and to your left. Once you have the three Slumbering Eggs on the corpse, descend to another section of the crumbling stone wall.
    • A Giant Crab protecting a Stonesword Key can be found if you travel all the way to the southeast and continue along the wooden platform.

    Pidia: A trader

    caria manor

    A short distance south along the route, turn left to uncover a string of granite ledges. To get to the scaffolding, drop along them. To get to a rooftop within the official manor grounds, follow the scaffolding. Then, go down a ladder to a room where Pidia, a trader, is located. Pidia offers a variety of priceless artifacts there like:

    • Ash of War: Carian Retaliation
    • Larval Tear
    • The Glintstone Craftsman’s Cookbook 7
    • The Ripple Blade
    • Celestial Dew
    • The Weathered Map.

    With that, let’s end this long description of Caria Manor. For more Elden Ring guides, check our site Retrology.

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