GamingCapcom reveals its all-time Best-Selling games

    Capcom reveals its all-time Best-Selling games

    The recent release by Capcom regarding their Platinum Titles is now accessible, and it reveals Resident Evil 2 gaining a spot in the top 5. With now 12.60 million units sold, Resident Evil 2 has become one of the Capcom’s best-selling games in the horror survival genre of all time.

    Resident Evil 2 holds the third place in the overall ranking. This spot was previously held by Resident Evil 7: Biohazard, which is now at the fourth spot. Although they have a little difference in their sales, this is quite an amazing accomplishment as the RE 2 remake was released two years after the RE 7.

    From the statistics showing the top 5 in Capcom best-selling games, it is clear that Monster Hunter and Resident Evil have all the spots. All of these five spots have sales in double digits, which puts the following ones in a big gap in sales. The first, second, and fifth position is taken by the ever-famous Monster Hunter games. Here are the detailed sales of the top 5 in the updated Capcom Platinum Titles list:

    PositionTitleUnits Sold
    1Monster Hunter: World19.00 Million
    2Monster Hunter Rise13.20 Million
    3Resident Evil 212.60 Million
    4RESIDENT EVIL 7 biohazard12.40 Million
    5Monster Hunter World: Iceborne10.50 Million

    The Monster Hunter series is a popular action role-playing game franchise by Capcom. Players become skilled hunters, battling giant monsters in cooperative multiplayer. The games are known for deep combat mechanics, crafting, and a global fanbase which was first curated because of the release of Monster Hunter: World, which was the first one to be released worldwide. So it being the first is understandable. The following are more recent releases with additional events that kept the games alive.

    The other two spots and the record-breaking game franchise, Resident Evil, are also no less known. This is a huge feat in the world of the horror genre. This is all due to its captivating storyline, which sticks to its gore and survival aspect. Resident Evil can be defined as a survival horror in which players are tasked to defeat zombies and mutated creatures to accomplish a task.

    Congratulations to Capcom for accomplishing this achievement with a horror game, and we wish them the best of luck for more. Now they also remastered Resident Evil 4, so let’s see how it will do on the charts.

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    Izna Anjum
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