GamingHorrorAlbert Wesker might be joining Dead By Daylight, New Leak suggests

    Albert Wesker might be joining Dead By Daylight, New Leak suggests

    Just like before it seems Dead By Daylight is once again ready for a crossover with Resident Evil. We saw Jill Valentine and Leon Kennedy as survivors and The Tyrant as the killer in the previous best-liked crossover.

    However, developers at Behaviour Interactive appear to be all set for yet another Dead By Daylight and Resident Evil crossover, this time featuring none other than the fan-favorites Albert Wesker and Ada Wong with their own perks as per the leaks.

    The Twitter leak has suggested that Albert Wesker will be coming as a killer and Ada Wong with Rebecca Chambers as survivors. But this doesn’t just end here, the prestige charms, the models of all three characters, and even some details about the characters have also been leaked.

    Albert Wesker will be having “The Mastermind” as the killer’s name and some of his personal perks include:

    • Superior Anatomy – Faster Vaulting
    • Awakened Awareness – This allows you to see the aura of other survivors when you carry them
    • Termins – Inflict the survivors to be permanently broken when the exit gates are powered

    Meanwhile, Ada Wong’s perks include:

    • Wiretap – allows her to spy on the killer
    • Reactive Healing – heal when allies are damaged
    • Low Profile – leave no traces when she’s the final survivor

    Now when it comes to Rebecca her perks include:

    • Better than New
    • Reassurance
    • Hyperfocus

    Since all of this information is not yet confirmed by the developers, we can’t be 100% sure that these are the exact same perks as in the game. For the actual reveal, we will have to wait till the 3rd of August when Behavior Interactive will be hosting its first-ever games showcase. Resident Evil Project W will also be revealed on the show according to the developers, which, however, is quite evident now.

    That is all on Dead By Daylight featuring Albert Wesker from Resident Evil. While we wait for the actual reveal on the 3rd of August, you might also want to check out Resident Evil on Netflix: Is it a Flop or Success? To keep yourself updated with the latest news, stay tuned to Retrology.

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