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    Brew a dose of swallow potion Witcher 3 guide

    The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt is one of the top trending games in the gaming industry. Fast-paced combat styles with exceptional powers are the major reason for its huge success among gamers. However, the open-world map with the living ecosystem of Witcher 3 provides an easy path for you to explore different regions of the game.

    The endless adventures, as well as the stunning visuals, had set higher standards for other action games to meet. However, in this article, we are going to provide you with a guide that will help you to conquer the quest stage of Brew a dose of swallow potion on Death’s Bed level.

    You can easily unlock this quest by visiting the herbalist Tomira in search of herbs to lure a griffin. At the time of the visit, Geralt comes across one of the victims who was attacked by the beast. The beast attacked and mortally wounded the girl Lena when she was on her way to meet her lover. Now, only the potion from Geralt can save her life. Moreover, this article will give you an overview, of the Death’ Note quest: Brew a dose of swallow potion.

    What are the things required to make a swallow potion?

    Making a potion is one of the difficult tasks to execute while playing the Witcher 3 game. You need to collect certain things from different locations to complete a swallow potion, which will heal Lena. The first two items: Dwarven Spirit and Celandine are easily accessible by the Geralt as he can purchase these particular items from the herbalist. However, this is not the case with the last item Drowner Brain. Finding the last item is a challenging thing for a gamer as he has to explore the entire area of the map for finding drowners.

    Dwarven Spirit

    brew a dose of swallow potion

    You can easily purchase this first item Dwarven Spirit from the herbalist in the white orchard. Just click on the item screen panel and click on the box containing the green bottle, as shown in the above picture.


    You need to purchase 5 flowers from the alchemist. These yellow flowers grow in several fields surrounding White Orchard. The above shows you the exact location of the item that you need to purchase. However, these flowers and the above spirit item alone cannot create a swallow potion.

    Drowner Brain

    Now, it’s time to search for the third item and make our swallow potion ready for Lena. You have to kill a bunch of drowners to acquire this last item brain. These three items combined will make a strong swallow potion that will cure Lena.

    However, this is the location where you will fight the Drowners. As soon as you click on the location, you will reach the exact location of the enemies. You just have to explore the entire area and once you see them, get ready for the battle.

    You will see a bunch of drowners popping out from the back of trees or coming out of the water, once you enter the scene. Use your shield to avoid strikes from the enemies. However, you need to focus on your health bar too, as you have to fight several drowners simultaneously. After conquering this battle, look for the brain dropped by one of the drowners. Collect the brain and return back to the herbalist.

    Furthermore, after accomplishing all the items, you have successfully conquered the quest, brew a dose of swallow potion, of Death’s Bed. However, keeping in mind the risk, Geralt still helped that poor wounded girl and gave a new life to her. For more guides about the different levels, collectibles, and locations, keep following Retrology.

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