GamingRole-PlayingAll Sakano Shrine Collectible Locations in Ghostwire Tokyo

    All Sakano Shrine Collectible Locations in Ghostwire Tokyo

    The action game, Ghostwire Tokyo, has come up with a unique ghost-hunting gameplay with odd sights. Elite combat styles, powerful animation, and an incredible world design approach make it worth playing. In this game, you will find yourself surrounded by numerous ghosts at each level. Overpower them and look for a solution to undo the damage they had caused to Tokyo. However, in this guide, we will help you to find Sakano Shrine Collectible Locations in Ghostwire Tokyo.

    This guide will help you to find out the exact locations of all the collectibles in Sakano Shrine. In total, there are seven collectible locations that will help you to advance to other levels.

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    1. Jizo Statue 1/2 Location

    Sakano Shrine Collectible Locations

    The very first collectible that you will find at Sakano Shrine will be the Jizo Statue. After jumping back into the game, you will see blue glazes from across the road. Move closer to those glazes and here you will see the Jizo Statue. This collectible enables you to upgrade your water-ether capacity.

    2. Jizo Statue 2/2 Location

    Sakano Shrine Collectible Locations

    You have to find another Jizu Statue collectible located at Akito in Sakano Shrine. As soon as you enter the game, run towards the building entrance in front of you. Then, take the first right, pray, and acquire your second Jizo Statue collectible. Similar to the first collectible, this statue boosts your wind-ether capacity.

    3. KK’s Investigation Note – The Ether thief

    Sakano Shrine Collectible Locations

    The next collectible is going to be the Ether thief note written by KK. This note contains some important information regarding the stolen ether. However, after coming back to the scene, turn around and walk towards the door inside the building. There you will see a note, just grab it from the floor.

    4. Magatama 1/1 – Karakasa-Kozo

    The next collectible is Karasaka Kozo. Use your power to see the hidden spirits. Furthermore, after reaching the spot, use your weapon to absorb the spirits. Lastly, strike your weapon and absorb the spirit of Yokai to acquire power for future use.

    5. Prayer Bead 1/1 – Nourishment Beads

    Sakano Shrine Collectible Locations

    The fifth collectible is the nourishment beads. Enter the temple in front of you and grab the beads placed on the table. Whereas, these beads will help you to increase the amount of HP recovered by consumables.

    6. Relic 1/2 – Incense Burner

    Sakano Shrine Collectible Locations

    This collectible is going to be the Incense Burner. After jumping into the game, run toward the place where you absorbed the spirits. There you will find this burner that emits an aroma when the components inside it are lit.

    7. Relic 2/2 – Ubume Netsuke

    Sakano Shrine Collectible Locations

    The last collectible is the Ubume Netsuke. However, this collectible is difficult to find as you have to travel a lot for searching this item. Hop over the buildings and keep rotating yourself to look for that particular item. On top of one of the buildings, you will find the eagle-shaped collectible.

    Once, you pick all the Sakano Shrine collectibles from the locations, it becomes easy for you to climb up to the next level and face your enemy. Just follow this guide for finding Sakano Shrine Collectible Locations easily. For more game guides and reviews about such amazing games, keep checking Retrology.

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