GamingTurn-Based StrategyBaldur's Gate 3 Mol Location Guide: Where is Mol?

    Baldur’s Gate 3 Mol Location Guide: Where is Mol?

    Like many large-scale games, Baldur’s Gate 3 also has tons of NPCs (non-playable characters) who exist to give us hints, and quests, drive the story forwards, or just give us information about the lore of the game. These NPCs can also have some kind of relationship with the player or others that you interact with. Also, their feelings towards you and your team may be influenced by the actions and decisions you and your team have made.

    One of these NPCs is Mol who gives us quests as well as is part of the main storyline. In several of the acts, we are tasked with finding Mol around the map. Mol is an NPC character that appears in Acts 1 and 2. In Baldur’s Gate 3, players have the task of finding where Mol is in quest like Investigate The Beach or during an event in Act 2 when she is lost following the raid on the Last Light Inn. This guide will explain how to find her in both instances, so keep reading.

    Act 1: Investigate the Beach

    On the right side of Emerald Grove, you’ll see a path leading to the sea. Head towards the sea and go down the rocky part to reach a child who will tell you to listen to the song he is already entranced by. Agree with the boy at first and listen to the song, but then choose conflicting responses to break away from the enchantment. You can do this by choosing dialogues that show suspicion. This will make you able to break away from the song and help the child.

    Once the boy is entranced, you’ll see a Harpy come down. You can choose to divert the attention of the Harpy, for that, the trance can be broken. After this, talk to the boy, whose name is Mirkon, and ask for a password that is needed to enter the Tiefling Hideout where Mol is.

    Now go back to the middle point of Emerald Grove and go to the opposite side than before. On this left side, you’ll find Doni so go and talk to him. Keep talking to him and persuade him until he reveals the Tiefling Hideout location. The door to this hideout is revealed to be just behind him. Go inside and find Mol to talk to her.

    Act 2: Guildhall, Lower City

    In Act 2, you can find Mol again in Guildhall. Go to the buildings below the Baldur’s Mouth area. Here you’ll find a green ogre standing in the path between two structures. The ogre is Tusgront, and you’ll have to talk to him. The only task here is to convince him that you are a member of the guild. This task is much easier if you have Jaheira on your team, as she is good at this.

    Once done, he will tell about the revealed entrance. Go inside and down the first flight of stairs, you’ll find Mol. She will reveal that we were worried about nothing as she is well-adjusted, so we can now leave knowing she is well and alive.

    These are the only times you can meet Mol other than her quest, which depends on your decision if you want to take on or not. Now you can easily find where is Mol when needed in Baldur’s Gate 3. Hopefully, this was detailed enough to guide you toward the exact location. Another quest that involves an NPC is Find The Missing Boots Quest, so if you like progressing the story with them, check out this one.

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