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    Attack on Titan Episode 78 features Goth Mikasa, Nerd Armin, and Sauna as Easter Eggs

    Episode 78 of Attack on Titan has a lot of references to the past as well as to future events. The latest episode is now streaming and fans are absolutely losing their minds over it. Usually, there are not a lot of references in Attack on Titan but this episode blew everyone’s minds as it featured not just one but three easter eggs, Goth Mikasa, Nerd Armin, and the sauna scene.

    Warning: The following paragraph contains spoilers for Episode 78.

    In episode 78, Eren is shot by Gabi before he can make any contact with Zeke and unleash the entire power of the Founding Titan. Before he can completely die, Zeke takes hold of his head which results in both of their consciousnesses being sent to Paths dimension. Then we see a flash of a lot of scenes that all somewhat relate to Eren. It is unclear why such references have been made.

    Hajime Isayama, the creator of Attack on Titan likes putting imitative previews at the end of the manga chapters. One of the most important ones is “Attack on School“. Attack on School re-imagines the series as a high-school drama. It is just a sort of parody and is meant to get a laugh.

    Goth Mikasa

    When Eren is between life and death he has a flashback of memories. Those memories also contained Mikasa with a very different hairstyle and fans refer to her as “Goth Mikasa” or “Gothkasa”. Personally, I really like Mikasa’s goth look with this hairstyle as she looks super cool.

    Here is how Goth Mikasa looks in the cameo:

    Goth Mikasa. Image via Post Apocalyptic Media

    Nerd Armin

    We also see a memory of Armin wearing glasses. Fans refer to him as “Nerd Armin”. However, this does not really add to the actual plot of the anime. It was just an easter egg and a shout-out to the manga readers.

    Here is how Nerd Armin looked in the cameo:

    Nerd Armin. Image via Post Apocalyptic Media

    The Sauna Scene

    Attack on Titan Episode 78 also gives fans a steamy reference to the infamous manga picture of the male characters, Levi and Reiner in particular sitting in a sauna. However, in anime, it only features a close-up of Reiner who is looking depressed, of course.

    The Sauna Scene. Image via Post Apocalyptic Media

    You can stream new episodes of Attack on Titan on Hulu every Sunday.

    This is all on the Attack on Titan Episode 78 featuring Goth Mikasa, Nerd Armin, and Sauna as Easter Eggs. If you are aware of the disappointing Annie and Armin reunions, then don’t forget to check our Animation and Manga sections. We cover a lot of reviews, news, and other content so keep following Retrology!

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