All Silvercrown Tree Locations Tower of Fantasy Warren

    With a total of six different places, there are several intriguing elements to discover on the Tower of Fantasy map. There’s a lot to discover, from plants that must be attacked with specific materials to pressure plates that must be triggered by two or more people at the same time. Many interactive tasks like Modgen Mushrooms, Telescope and Silvercrown trees also present whole little minigames that are sometimes a fun way to change your mind from the actual storyline. So today, we will embark on the journey to find all Silvercrown Tree Locations Tower of Fantasy in the Warren region.

    Silvercrown Tree Locations Tower of Fantasy: Warren Region

    Warren region is an area that unlocks after a considerable portion of the story has been covered. You can get access to it but there are other things you need to focus on first. Warren region has radiation, and to save yourself from it, you have to shield yourself. Upgrade your stats of health and make yourself as shielded as you can so you won’t lose health to radiation.

    Here are all three locations of Silvercrwon trees.

    Silvercrown Tree Location # 1

    Silvercrown Tree Location # 1
    • Go from the spacerift straight ahead. Right in front of you, slightly to your right, you’ll see some trees.
    • One of the trees would have got a red spot on the trunk. This is the silvercrown tree.
    • Interact with it and you will be informed about why it’s red and not blue like other ones.
    • Then, you will get informed that the tree has lost its energy and you can use Magcore to revitalize it. Answer yes and you will be taken to the puzzle game.
    Silvercrown tree minigame spot # 1

    Silvercrown Tree Location # 2

    Silvercrown Tree Locations Tower of Fantasy Warren
    Silvercrown Tree Location # 2
    • For the next tree, move towards the northeast portion of the map.
    • Here you will find a body of water/Lake. Use something to move over it so it will be faster and safer.
    • On the other side of the lake, the northern side of the lake, you will find the second Silvercrown tree.
    • Interact with it the same way and you will be able to complete the task and lose one more Magcore.
    Silvercrown Tree Locations Tower of Fantasy Warren
    Silvercrown tree minigame spot # 2

    Silvercrown Tree Location # 3

    Silvercrown Tree Locations Tower of Fantasy Warren
    Silvercrown Tree Location # 3
    • From the Spacerift present on the South-west side of the region, go straight ahead.
    • You will see many trees here. Move into the trees and start to get towards the hill.
    • After going straight for a while, along the lake, you will see some trees by the hill. One of these trees would have got the red core signaling the interactive tree.
    • Go close to it, complete the minigame, and you’re done with all three puzzles.
    Silvercrown Tree Locations Tower of Fantasy Warren
    Silvercrown tree minigame spot # 3

    Silvercrown Tree Minigame

    Silvercrown tree is part of the puzzle category. This means if you interact with it, you will get access to a puzzle; a minigame. In this minigame, you have to take the Magcore through the tube without touching anything. Safely maneuver through the path and as you reach the end, the core will dissolve. Hence, you would be complete with the task or puzzle.

    Silvercrown Tree Magcore Minigame Silvercrown Tree Locations Tower of Fantasy Warren

    Silvercrown Tree Magcore Minigame

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