GamingRole-PlayingAll Shimokusa Shrine Collectible Locations in Ghostwire Tokyo

    All Shimokusa Shrine Collectible Locations in Ghostwire Tokyo

    Ghostwire Tokyo is an exceptional action game that keeps you engaged from the start till the end of the game. Moreover, this game does not present dull visuals, instead, each corner you visit and explore contains a unique element. You have to explore different areas of Tokyo to acquire several collectibles located at different locations. These collectibles enable you to boost your power and find the truth about the disappearance of Tokyo citizens. However, in this guide, we will help you to find out all the Shimokusa Shrine Collectible Locations in Ghostwire Tokyo.

    A brief description of the guide along with some pictures showing optimal paths will help you to conquer this part of the game. This guide will provide proper assistance to gamers to find Shimokus Shrine Collectible Locations with greater ease. However, there is a total of fifteen collectible locations that are going to be discussed in this guide.

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    1. Jizo Statue 1/1 – Max Water SP UP

    Shimokusa Shrine Collectible Locations

    The very first collectible in Shimosuka Shrine is the Jizo Statue. Just click on the location shown on the map and there you will find this collectible. However, this statue holds a special power. This statue collectible enables you to expand the water-ether capacity feature.

    2. KK’s Investigation Note 1/1 – The Ether Thief

    Shimokusa Shrine Collectible Locations

    The next collectible is the KK’s investigation note which holds important information related to the stolen ether. Enter the game, turn around, and walk inside the building. There you will see a piece of paper on the floor. Grab that paper and move to the next collectible.

    3. Landmark 1/1 – Mitake Shopping Arcade

    Shimokusa Shrine Collectible Locations

    The third collectible is at the Mitake Shopping Center where you will find some old institutions as well as newer outlets. After jumping back into the game, just enter the abandoned building in front of you and unlock this collectible.

    4. Missing Tanuki 1/1 Location

    The fourth collectible is the missing Tanuki which you can find by clicking on the location shown on the map. Use your special spell of the explosion to find the missing Tanuki at this point in the game.

    5/6. Music 1-2/2 Hebinari Shrine + Tokyo Tower

    Shimokusa Shrine Collectible Locations

    The fifth and sixth collectibles are some sort of music tracks. You can find these tracks in the old shop as well as some other precious items including Magatama, KK’s note, and much more. As you enter the scene, you will see an old shop in front of you. Walk across the road, buy these music tracks, and enhance your gaming experience.

    7-10. T-Shirt + Shorts + Loafers + Fox Mask

    Shimokusa Shrine Collectible Locations

    Enter the game mode and visit the same old shop to buy different items. Grab your t-shirt, shorts, and loafers from the shop. Whereas, the fox mask collectible is a bonus reward that you achieve after completing the requests.

    11. Prayer Bead 1/2 – Self-Defense Beads

    Shimokusa Shrine Collectible Locations

    This collectible is going to be Self-Defense Beads. This specific collectible gets unlocked only if you have completed five additional requests. Moreover, you will get a bonus for the completion of these requests. Go to the same old shop and acquire this self-defense bead.

    12. Prayer Bead 2/2-Talisman Beads

    This collectible is another Prayer Bead known as Talisman Beads. Enter the temple in front of you and grab the collectible from the table. However, these beads carry a special power. This bead will help in expanding the effect of Stun. Moreover, it increases the effect radius of Exposure.

    13. Relic 1/3 – Unsettling Plushie

    Follow the map guide and get the Unsettling Plushie collectible. This collectible is a ragged stuffed animal giving some seriously bad vibes. You will find this collectible below the staircase.

    14. Relic 2/3 – Hanafuda

    Shimokusa Shrine Collectible Locations

    The Hanafuda collectible is essentially a Japanese card game. Use your powers to hop over the buildings in search of these cards. However, after acquiring these cards, you just need to look for the final collectible.

    15. Relic 3/3 – Nue Netsuke

    Shimokusa Shrine Collectible Locations

    This is the final collectible that you can find by using the map guide. This collectible is a mini sculpture that is a part of fifteen Yokai Netsuke. However, the most amazing fact about this creature is its mysterious form. You will find this sculpture on the backside of the truck.

    These marked maps will help you find the exact locations of all these collectibles. Acquiring these collectibles will help you to unlock other undiscovered collectibles at other levels. Moreover, this guide will help you in finding the Shimokusa Shrine Collectible Locations with greater ease. You can also find guides and reviews of other action games on Retrology. Therefore, keep checking Retrology for the latest news.

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