GamingAll Raft Radio Tower Blueprints Locations Guide

    All Raft Radio Tower Blueprints Locations Guide

    To advance in the story mode of Raft, the players must discover Blueprints throughout the game. Blueprints are usually found when exploring islands, and they are intentionally placed in areas where you can get access to them. They are like a license for players to make innovative things other than their usual survival kits.

    However, since of Update, the Blueprints are immediately placed in the Research Table, making the real Blueprints operate as a collectible instead. So today, we will go through Raft Radio Tower Blueprints Locations to help you reach them.

    How to reach Radio Tower?

    To get and utilize the Receiver in Raft, players would have to:

    • Obtain the Blueprint of the Receiver.
    • In the Research Table, look up the Receiver. The items needed would be listed there.
    • Construct a higher level on the raft. The Receiver can only function if it is installed at least one level above the base.
    • Make the Battery and attach it to the Receiver. The machine may now be switched on but is not yet operational. Remember to switch off the gadget after finishing using it; otherwise, the battery will be depleted.
    • Make some space for the Antennas. Antennas must not be too close to the receiver or to one another.
    • After you’ve completed the setup, enter the numbers into the players’ journals. If the numbers are entered correctly, the Receiver will display a blue dot on the screen.

    Raft Radio Tower Blueprints Locations

    There is a total of two blueprints present in the Radio Tower. They are not very hard to find around the area. You have to be careful while you move around the tower as there are many broken levels and steps which you can fall off.

    Blueprint # 1

    • Go towards the first floor of the tower above the water level and then jump on top of the garbage bin leading to the next level.
    • At this level. you will see a room named C-1.
    • Enter it and turn to the left room.
    Raft Radio Tower Blueprints Locations: Room C-1 in Radio Tower
    Room C-1 in Radio Tower
    • Here you will see a blueprint sitting on the table. It is very clearly visible just as you enter the room.
    • This blueprint is for Head Light. A Head Lamp is a device that may let players venture into the dark depths of the sea.
    Blueprint on the Table
    Blueprint on the Table

    Blueprint # 2

    • Go outside and move towards the stairs leading to another floor.
    • From there, you may need to jump on the broken stairs, walk over the pipe, and the time your landing exactly.
    • On the topmost floor, you will see a room. This room has glass windows and you can see Tala a new character, sitting there.
    • As you go in through the door, you will see a pinboard in front of you.
    • On this pin board, you will find your second blueprint. It is for Recycler. A Recycler is a machine necessary to generate Trash Cubes.
    Blueprint # 2 by Tala.

    Now that’s all for both Raft Radio Tower Blueprints Locations and how to reach the radio tower too. Hope this proves to be helpful. For more guides, check out our guides section for gaming.

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