GamingBeat 'em upMidnight Fight Express is currently 30% off but for a limited time

    Midnight Fight Express is currently 30% off but for a limited time

    The isometric brawler game of the last year is currently on a discount. Developed by a single person, Jacob Dzwinel, and published by Humble Games, Midnight Fight Express is an indie action game that is of the beat ’em up genre at its core. The game was released back on August 2022 and has gotten decent reviews from players ever since. Mightnight Fight Express is on a 30% discount until the 21st of May.

    The isometric action game puts you in the shoes of Babyface who is the main character returning to his past life in the criminal underworld. However, this time you are in for a good purpose which is to stop a citywide takeover plan of the underworld crime organization. However, in order to fulfill your job, you have to beat a plethora of enemies using martial arts, weapons and even making use of the surrounding environment. The time is only till sunrise.

    The martial sequences and the horde of enemies remind me of Sifu somewhat. When I first watched the trailer of Midnight Fight Express, I just thought it is Sifu with an isometric view. But shortly after, the rage mode, ability to focus, and use of guns in the game made me acknowledge its fair share of differences.

    Being a beat ’em up game, Midnight Fight Express focuses heavily on melee combat. The players have the option to attack light and heavy, parry the enemies’ moves, and break the enemies’ defense. Moreover, the game features leveling systems and replayability to complete challenges and earn more rewards. There are in total of 41 levels, each with its own looks and soundtrack.

    Midnight Fight Express is currently available to buy for only $13.99 instead of its original price of $19.99. There is even a greater discount of 34% if you want to buy the game with a soundtrack bundle.

    That’s all for now. If you have been wanting to play Midnight Fight Express, now is a good time to get the game.

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    Talha Saqib
    Talha Saqib
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