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    All Boarding Party Minikits LEGO Star Wars The Skywalker Saga

    LEGO Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga is an exceptional action game with impressive gaming features. The developers did a great job of upgrading the characters by giving them some special powers. Moreover, each character differs from one another in terms of powers in the game. These abilities help them to solve pretty complex puzzles. However, in this article, we are going to collect all boarding party Minikits located in different areas of the game.

    You can collect all boarding party Minikits on level one of episode four of the LEGO Star Wars The Skywalker Saga: A New Hope. At this stage, you just need to replay the level in Free Play and make sure that you have unlocked some important characters in the game. Moreover, you can also double your studs by playing this episode over and over again. Let us find out the locations and grab these Minikits.

    Also, check Minikit locations in other places:

    1. Minikit 1/5 – Monster 1-4

    all boarding party minikits

    You have to kill four monsters present at different locations to unlock the first boarding party Minikit. As soon as you enter this level, grapple up through the square hole above you. Run through the corridor consisting of energy beams that act as a barricade. Whereas, at the end of the corridor, you will see the first winged creature. Kill it and look for the other one.

    all boarding party minikits

    To kill the second monster, you must first upgrade your character containing special powers. After killing the first monster, move left, and jump through the hole on the floor. You must use the corners to run because there is a specific portion of the floor that will collapse if you step on it. Enter the code in the terminal, a door will open in front of you, and there you will see the creature, just kill the second-winged creature and move on to the next one.

    Make an entrance on the ceiling by striking shots with the specialized weapon. Then grapple up through that entrance and start running through the corridor. Take right from the corridor and as you reach the end of it, the third winged creature will appear in front of you. Kill the creature and look for the last one to acquire the first Minikit.

    You can easily kill the fourth-winged creature after grabbing the second Minikit. Just take the left and you will see the monster in front of you. The killing of all four monsters will unlock the first Minikit for you.

    2. Boarding Party – Minikit 2/5

    After your third kill, run towards the starting point, and after jumping down through the square hole, you will see a locked gate on one side of the wall. At this point, you must change your character to the one who can use his special force to lift up the gate for you. Follow the corridor, avoid any sort of contact with the electric beams, and hop on the pipes to cross the electric field section. At the end of the corridor, you will find your second boarding party Minikit.

    3. Boarding Party – Minikit 3/5

    Here, you will fight a couple of soldiers to grab the third Minikit. Firstly, you need to switch on the socket and then wait for the soldiers to appear. Defeat those soldiers with the help of a partner and run towards the room behind you. Moreover, you will see a brown block in the room, jump on it, and place that block on one of four buttons placed on the floor. Bring another block from outside the room and repeat the same process. You can grab the third Minikit only if all the buttons are pressed simultaneously. Therefore, you and your partner must stand on the remaining two buttons to unlock this third Minikit.

    4. Boarding Party – Minikit 4/5

    Finding the fourth Minikit is quite difficult as you might get lost because of multiple directions. Once you reach the hidden room, there you will see the red laser beams and some guards. Kill two of the guards and then use your distraction spell to overpower the remaining ones as you can see in the image above. Now just grab the fourth Minikit and move on to the last one.

    5. Minikit 5/5

    This is the easiest Minikit to search out of all boarding party Minikits. Once you enter the game scene, run towards the end of the corridor, and then look towards your right side. There you will see the entrance of the room blocked by some different objects. Use the lightsaber to clear the obstacle, enter the room, and grab your fifth and last Minikit.

    This complete game guide will help you collect all the boarding party Minikits throughout the fourth episode of this game. All the relevant details, challenges, and important points are discussed in this article. Just follow this guide to grab all the Minikits with ease and in less time. For more game guides and cheat codes, keep following Retrology.

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