GamingAll The Copa-Khetanna Minikits LEGO The Skywalker Saga

    All The Copa-Khetanna Minikits LEGO The Skywalker Saga

    LEGO Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga is an exceptional action-packed game with dynamic gaming modules and excellent gameplay features. The creators of the game have done an excellent job in creating and maintaining the game along with all the characters and giving them a special power. All the characters differentiate from one another and give a more interesting effect to the game. This article is all about finding all The Copa-Khetanna Minikits in the game.

    All the Copa-Khetanna Minikits can be found where the battle with Boba Fett takes place. On that level, all five of the Minikits can be found. When at this stage the players reach the section where Leia fights Jabba, all the five Minikits can be found by repeating this very level. This will also unlock many new collectibles for the players which will help them in further progress in the game. The five Minikits in The Copa-Khetanna will unlock the Rebel A-wing(Micro).

    Copa-Khenatta Minikit – 1/5:

    The gun present at the very front of the ship is used to shoot four droids of the air. This will help unlock the first kit. Moreover, this phase requires defeating Boba Fett first as he needs to be defeated, or else he can destroy the gun which would make the task difficult.

    Copa-Khenatta Minikit – 2/5:

    Once Boba Fett is defeated, players can shoot the target on the mast. Which will help them take the Gonk to the upper level. A Force user will need to stack up the crates so the Gonk can reach the top level. Then a platform for it can be built by breaking apart the objects in this area. This will in the end help them reach the second collectible kit.

    Copa-Khenatta Minikit – 3/5:

    In the same room as the previous collectible, there’s a puzzle on the wall to the right. The pieces around the room can be replaced by a Jedi or Dark Side character which in turn will help in solving the puzzle. After solving the puzzle and completely coming to the conclusion the Minikit will be accessible.

    Copa-Khenatta Minikit – 4/5:

    In the southernmost part of the map, there’s a block of cells with a blocked one at the end of the hall. That is the area that will be important in order for players to access the fourth Minikit. Players can break the blockade by throwing a grenade at a villain character, and the collectible will be inside the cell. From there the players can get that MiniKit by breaking into the cell.

    Copa-Khenatta Minikit – 5/5

    Before using the power cell to open the Throne Room, players can take it back to the previous area and plug it into the socket behind the circular black structure. This will allow them to access the fifth and final Minikit.

    This complete game guide will help you collect all the boarding party Minikits throughout the fourth episode of this game.

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