GamingAll Akitsu Shrine Collectible Locations in Ghostwire Tokyo

    All Akitsu Shrine Collectible Locations in Ghostwire Tokyo

    Released on 25th March 2022, Ghostwire Tokyo is an action-adventure game brought to us by Tango Gameworks. With its unique gameplay and powerful animations, the game has gained a lot of popularity in this short period. In this game, Some supernatural forces have caused the whole population of Tokyo to vanish, and now you playing as Akito have to overpower them and recover the damage that they have caused.

    Nevertheless, in this guide, you will get to know about All Akitsu Shrine Collectible Locations in Ghostwire Tokyo. These collectibles will help you advance to the next levels as well as power up your abilities, reward outfits, charms, money, and other unique items. There are exactly ten collectibles in Akitsu Shrine.

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    Jizo Statue #1

    The map shows the exact location where you will find your very first Jizo Statue. You just have to pass through the bicycle area and you will find Jizo Statue #1. Now right-click to pray and it will increase your maximum wind-ether capacity.

    Jizo Statue #2

    Once again the map shows the location of Jizo Statue #2. When you enter the game you will see a van in front of you, jump over that van to the other side of the wall, and then exactly on your left, you will find Jizo Statue #2. Right-click to pray and it will now increase your maximum fire-ether capacity.

    Jizo Statue #3

    For Jizo Statue #3 follow the map to reach the desired location. As soon as you enter the game, walk into the small street in front of you and at your very first left, you will find your Jizo Statue #3. Right-click to pray and acquire your collectible. This time it will increase your maximum water-ether capacity.

    Landmark 1/1 – Shibuara Park

    Shibuara park is located very close to the Akitsu Shrine, follow the instructions on the map to reach the landmark. As soon as you enter the game go straight and then on your left side you will find the boundary of Shibuara Park, once you jump in from the boundary, you will be inside the landmark.

    Magatama 1/2 – Kodama

    Once you reach the location as shown on the map, you will see Kodama running towards you and then hiding in a tree trunk. Kodama is basically running away from the ghosts/spirits, now you have to use your powers to fight the ghosts and protect Kodama. You can use your powers like fire explosives and wind to defeat the ghosts. After defeating the ghosts, get back to Kodama and right-click, Kodama will thank you for rescuing him and will give you some powers. Hold right-click to acquire his powers.

    Magatama 2/2 – Zashiki-Warashi

    The next collectible is Zashaki-Warashi. When you enter the game at this location, you will be seeing a house, Zashaki-Warashi is basically in a room upstairs. Once you get into the house and move upstairs, use your instincts to locate a blue dish. Now, Zashaki-Warashi will only appear once you put shio senbei in that blue dish. Right-click to place shio senbei in that blue dish, Zashaki-Warashi will now appear and she will then thank you for shio senbei. Hold right-click to acquire its powers.

    Prayer Beads – 1/1 Flame Beads

    For Flame Beads you will have to locate the Akitsu Shrine. Akitsu Shrine will be located on top of a building, you will have to parkour a little bit to reach the building, the map also shows the exact location of Akitsu Shrine. once you are there you will find your Flame Beads, collect them and your prayer beads will be powered up to level 2.

    Relic 1/3 – Temari

    Go to the location of Temari as shown on the map. When you enter the game you will find a barrier in front of you, jump over that barrier and you will find your Temari lying on the ground. Right-click to collect Temari.

    Relic 2/3 – Model Minivan

    The next collectible is Model Minivan. This minivan will be upstairs inside a house, use the location provided on the map to reach the house. It’s the same house where you found Zashaki-Warashi. Once you are there, move upstairs and use your power of instincts to locate the Model Minivan. It will be inside a room, right-click to collect the Model Minivan.

    Relic 3/3 – Koimari Dish

    The last collectible in Akitsu Shrine is Koimari Dish. The map shows the exact location of the Koimari Dish. After jumping into the game, walk straight and on your right, you will find the very last collectible, Koimari Dish. Right-click to pickup.

    After collecting all the collectibles, you will now be looking forward to your next level. Moreover, these collectibles will help you in facing your enemies. That is all about All Akitsu Shrine collectible locations in Gostwire Tokyo. To find out about All Sakano Shrine collectibles and for more gaming guides, keep following Retrology.

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