GamingPlatformerWebbed - a platforming spider game, is now available on Switch

    Webbed – a platforming spider game, is now available on Switch

    Sbug Games, located in Brisbane, Australia, created and distributed the Webbed game, a 2D adventure puzzle platformer. On September 9, 2021, the finished game was published for Microsoft Windows, macOS, and Linux. Later, on February 2, 2022, it was ported to the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

    Riley Neville and Noah Seymour produced Webbed, which includes a bright pixel 2D graphic style with generative animations. It is made in the GameMaker engine for both its player and non-playable characters, giving them reactive and generated movement.

    After a long wait, on August 4th, 2022, Webbed has also come to Nintendo Switch, making it available for Switch players all over the globe.

    Webbed: Securing High Rating

    With a rating of 10/10 on Steam, Webbed has gotten a very affirmative start in the gaming community. Here are a few other ratings from renowned websites that will get you interested in this game for sure

    • Wellplayed: 8/10
    • Gameshub: 4/5
    • KeenGamer: 7/10

    Gameplay and Plot

    Webbed is set in typical Australian Queensland and follows the story of a female spider who sets out to save her partner when he is kidnapped by a bowerbird. Thus begins her journey around the region in pursuit of her boyfriend. But, as the old saying goes, nothing in life is free, and our female spider must do a lot. One of them is making pacts with some insects to assemble an army to take on the bowerbird.

    Webbed gameplay expertly captures Spiderman’s swinging action; it’s fluid and snappy. This is a physics-based game that showcases almost everything that a spider will perform along the journey. Shooting webs at solid objects like walls, sticks, and trees are important to the gameplay core. This allows the player to be pushed in that direction depending on the angle.

    Blobs for people with Arachnophobia

    The directors also took into account Arachnophobia. They made the game have a mode where the insects are in the form of small blobs. So it won’t be triggering to people who are scared of spiders or other insects. This is a very considerate move and will hopefully get them the appreciation they deserve.

    With now Webbed game available on all platforms, including Switch, do check it out and see if the reviews are true to the game. For more content on the latest information, check our news section to stay updated.

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