GamingRole-PlayingV Rising Farming Spots locations (Scourgestone, Ghost Yard, and more)

    V Rising Farming Spots locations (Scourgestone, Ghost Yard, and more)

    If you’re into survival games, odds are you might have heard about V Rising. A vampire survival game from Stunlock Studios, the designers behind Battlerite. It resembles a lot of different games in the class, with the exception of you playing at a Diablo-Esque camera point. And indeed, you’re a vampire. This is a complete guide on the top three V rising farming spots locations.

    location 1 V rising farming spots locations

    V Rising Farming Spot Location

    1 – Brighthaven Docks

    The Brighthaven docks are a hodgepodge for useful items and one of the best locations in the game for farming rare and useful items. It is located at a harbor base in the game and consists of rare sea contents. Which are quite useful in the game. These include fish oil, leather, fresh fish, etc.

    The location also has significance when it comes to finding loot. You can break and customize a lot of different materials on the Brighthaven docks. Which can then be turned into loot and useful items. This also makes this one of the best places for farming. The loot and rare items that can be farmed in this location and further used for upgrading consist of:

    1. Gems
    2. Crystals
    3. Iron and copper
    4. Schematics

    This location, however, is quite a dangerous one to go to. It consists of dangerous and high-ranked enemies and you should be very careful in the Brighthaven docks.

    2. Ancient Village

    location 2 V rising farming spots locations

    Another V Rising farming spot location in the game is the ancient village. This location is ideal for farming rare and useful materials which can be used throughout the game. This is ideal for finding materials such as Ghost Shroom, Ghost Yarn, Schematic, Spectral Dust, etc.

    This location also consists of houses. Make sure to go inside each house and also collect the loot from there. The houses typically contain 2 to 3 containers. The containers also contain loot. The loots other than the ones mentioned above consist of:

    1. Gems
    2. Crystals
    3. Ore
    4. Silver

    This location is also easy to clear to find loot. This location is typically one of the best for farming rare items and loot. The key is to explore the whole location and roam around in search of loot and material and not just be restricted to the houses.

    3. Swamp of Greed:

    location 3 V rising farming spots locations

    This is an ideal location for finding silver, spectral dust, imperial thread, etc. The goal is to go north of the ancient village and reach this high ground. Over here, you have to clear the area and in doing so you may have to kill a lot of scales.

    This place is ideal for farming and collecting loot and unlike bright haven docks, it is not that dangerous. The list of materials you can find at the Swamp of Greed are:

    1. Silver
    2. Ore
    3. Imperial thread
    4. Ghost yarn
    5. Spectral dust

    This location can help you fill up your inventory very quickly and by doing this you can bulk up on the loot.

    That was all about V Rising farming spot locations. For more guides keep following Retrology. Happy Gaming!

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