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    Undecember: Guide to the Class System

    Unlike most RPG games, Undecember is one of those that made the gameplay and its scheme relatively easy. Like, other games mostly ask for the character’s classes to be chosen once. And has to stick with it forever. Undecember is good with options for flexibility. Which class to choose and how to build a strong character is given in this Undecember Class System guide for you.

    Undecember: Class System (And how to choose)

    Undecember has no specific classes for the players to choose from. Instead, they have you have to select the weapons you want. According to the type of weapon you choose, the character genre will be selected. For more understanding, let’s understand it with a mild example. If you have selected weapons like hammers, axes, etc. You will be in the class ” Warrior”.

    There are other classes like Archer and Mage. Archers are players to keep a safe distance from the battlefield as a backup. And Mages are the ones who boost the devastation with backstage tricks. In the beginning, the gameplay might be difficult for you. But with these points in mind, you can have a smooth start.

    There are only two factors that needed to be carefully chosen and your character class depends on them. Weapons and Runes. Let’s start with weapons first.

    Which Weapons to choose in Undecember

    Which Weapons to choose in Undecember
    Which Weapons to choose in Undecember

    Weapons will determine your character and its sustainability in the game. And here is the list of weapons that were available for you in-game.

    • One-handed swords
    • Two-handed swords
    • Bows
    • Wands
    • Staff
    • Dagger
    • Two-handed battle axes
    • One-handed battle axes
    • Maces

    With many options of weapons, you can try them. And try to find out which suits you best. But before choosing your weapon, here are the three stats that you need to look for.

    • Strength
    • Dexterity
    • Intelligence

    These stats will help you choose your ideal weapon and set the character class as well. Despite the weapons you choose, you should always make sure to enhance two stats numbers regularly for a good build. Here are my recommendations for all the classes.

    For a Warrior, very clear to have the Strength point in good numbers as it’s a very obvious need for a warrior. Next is the Mage, good points in intelligence, and for Archer, Dexterity is essential. After weapons, Runes are the second and last factor for you to consider.

    Runes define your Class

    Runes are the ones that boost the strength of the weapon overall. Both of its forms – Normal Runes and Link Runes are essential. But they have a limit to their benefits. As some runes are only useful with melee attacks. While others are used for casting spells and boosting the attack damage.

    You can have to improve them in the game further. This will be easy once you start with the character class chosen. You are not limited to improving your abilities as you have runes to cast spells and improve your strength with weapons – then you have the ability to be the Magic Warrior. As I mentioned before, try and practice figuring out your powers. There are no limitations to it.

    Many players get confused with the class scheme. But this Undecember Class System guide will help you with the in-depth details of the class and the factors it depends on. Now, you can choose what’s best for you in Undecember to play with.

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