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    Thor: Love and Thunder Trailer Breakdown – Zeus, Classic Thor, and Mjolnir

    Thor: Love and Thunder is set to release on 8 July and today, we have got the official trailer for the upcoming superhero movie. Since the release, the trailer has gone viral and many have done breakdowns and analyses. However, we still think there are still more things that need some discussion. After carefully inspecting the trailer, we have listed the following points that you might have missed or simply be interested in getting more info. Without further ado, let’s begin Thor: Love and Thunder trailer breakdown.

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    Classic Thor Costume

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    Right in the beginning, we get to see Thor running during the different phases of his life. In the second phase, Thor is seen wearing the classic costume from the comics that wasn’t introduced in the movies before.

    Kraglin wearing Yondu’s headpiece

    In another scene, we see someone looking like Yondu. However, we all know that it can’t be him. Therefore, after close inspection, it seems it is Kraglin wearing the same headpiece as Yondu. It might be to honor the late character.

    Zeus Appeared

    We are shown in multiple shots that Thor is traveling to a new place. And as we saw Zeus who will be played by no other than Russell Crowe, the new place appears to be the settlement of Zeus and his followers. At this point, we only got to see him holding the Thunder-shaped blade, and that too from the back.

    New Asgard

    We also got to see a glimpse of New Asgard. As the original Asgard was destroyed, so seeing the new one flourishing with new buildings, brings joy to us.


    via Heavy Spoilers

    We also got to see some blue-skinned people behind Star-Lord. As reportedly, they are called Interdites and appeared in the comics. We doubt that they would play a major role in the story.

    Return of Mjolnir

    love and thunder trailer breakdown

    Close to the end, we get to see something very familiar. Mjolnir, the original weapon of Thor was smashed into pieces by the ferocious Hela. We now see that it has cracks in it but seems to be patched up. However, it is no longer being welded by Thor but by someone else.

    Jane Foster as Thor

    thor: love and thunder trailer breakdown

    The wielder of Mjolnir is revealed to be Jane Foster who now acts as the female Thor. This was the most anticipated scene of the trailer as fans have been waiting for Jane Foster’s Thor look for quite a while now. We have finally seen it and it looks awesome. Played by Natalie Portman, Jane Foster as The Mighty Thor, comes as a mysterious character as we are not sure yet if it is actual Jane Foster from the movies or is a variant from the Multiverse. If we follow comics, then it would be the former one, however, judging from the events in recent Marvels movies and TV shows related to variants and other universes, it can be anything.

    Well, I guess we would have to wait for further information. We also have yet to see Christian Bale in the trailer as he would be the main villain. For now, that’s all for Thor: Love and Thunder trailer breakdown. For more breakdowns and movies content, stay tuned with Retrology.

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