GamingHorrorThe Outlast Trials Beta: Information, Release, and Registration

    The Outlast Trials Beta: Information, Release, and Registration

    During Gamescom Opening Night Live 2022, developer RedBarrels unveiled the latest teaser for The Outlast Trials. The new Outlast World experience will also be under closed beta testing from October 28, 2022, over the Halloween holiday.

    The Outlast Trials is a four-player co-op survival horror game set during the Cold War. Players are individuals who are imprisoned in a secret facility and must endure relentless physical and emotional agony at the hands of the series’ key protagonists. The challenge is to keep your sanity throughout this ordeal. According to the creator, the game will be a monument to the studio’s initiative to push itself with each new version.

    Although not much has been released about the game, the makers have been quite open about their thought process and inspiration for each element of its game whether it’s sound, music, characters, storytelling, or the psychological aspect of the horror game.

    You can visit RedBarrels’ official YouTube site to watch a variety of interesting videos directly from the developers. An example of one is given here. It will not only provide insight into what to expect from the game, but also into the developers’ philosophy and what they are attempting to portray through the action of The Outlast Trials. Another plus point is that you’ll be able to brace yourself before going in.

    Sign up for The Outlast Trials closed beta

    Closed beta registration for The Outlast Trials is available through the digital distribution platform Steam. Logged-in Steam users just need to browse to The Outlast Trials’ page and scroll down to the “Join the Uninitialized” section. Prospective beta testers merely need to click the green “request access” button to receive a message verifying their request.

    Players that seek access will almost certainly receive an email when the closed beta is ready to grant them access to the future game. It is still unknown how many players will be allowed to participate in The Outlast Trials. Details will most likely be clarified closer to the beta’s release date.

    When will this Sign up be available?

    While the final release date for The Outlast Trials has not yet been announced, the beta is confirmed to run from October 28 to November 1. If The Outlast Trials keeps its initial promise of releasing in 2022, the survival-horror thriller will most likely be released shortly after the beta program.

    There were many other announcements regarding games so do check the mall out in our News section on our site Retrology.

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