The oil in Nacho hiding scene was drinkable, Better Call Saul reveals

    In the series Better Call Saul, there is a scene where the character, Nacho Varga, dives into an oil tank to hide and save his life. This scene has gotten a lot of uproar as for an actor to sit in an oil tank for this long is very dangerous. Contrary to this, the team conducting this scene has something interesting to tell.

    The Buildup to hiding in the oil scene

    Better Call Saul’s latest episode was heartbreaking, tense, violent, tragic, and everything this series was about. On the run in Mexico, Nacho thinks that the only way to spare his father’s life is for him to return to the Salamancas and “confess” to everything before they kill him.

    Everything goes to plan except when he slips off with what he had in mind and it gets worse. When Nacho tears free his zip-tied hands and threaten to kill Don Bolsa he is asking for trouble. It’s not his fault either as living in constant oppression for him has taken a toll on him and he had to burst one day. At that moment, his threat was like a threat to your boss.

    Then of course he had to run to save his life. During this run, he hid in an oil tanker, submerging himself in the oil until the danger passes away.

    The Mystery oil

    Nacho Varga hiding in mystery oil in Better Call Saul.
    Nacho Varga hiding in mystery oil in Better Call Saul.

    Micheal Mondo, the actor playing Nacho shared this video explaining the process behind filming the said scene. In this video, it is explained that the mixture in which Nacho dives is not actually oil. It is a mixture made from a few chemicals and water as a base.

    The viscosity comes from a non-toxic chemical that is mainly used as a thickening agent in milkshakes. It is not toxic, will not stain the clothes or skin, and is not harmful in any way at all.

    It covers the skin completely as it just sits on top of the surface of your clothes and body. The shooting process for this was really creative too. We can see the actor easily stay in as you dive in the water as the shot is taken.

    At last, the mystery is revealed. There is no oil but a safe substance. That’s all for this search on this “mystery Nacho oil scene” in Better call Saul.

    Here are updates on the new movie as Ana de Armas stars Marilyn Monroe in the upcoming film, Blonde.

    Izna Anjum
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