NewsThe Batman IMDb ranking is already in Top 100 movies

    The Batman IMDb ranking is already in Top 100 movies

    Unlike Batgirl which got canceled, The Batman (2022) released on March 4th is already climbing up in ranking on the Top 250 Movies list on IMDb. Robert Pattinson is carrying the torch lit by Ben Affleck. Even the pandemic couldn’t keep the Dark Knight delayed for long.

    IMDb’s Top 250 is famous for its results being mostly user voting. This way the audience who actually took time to watch the movie gets to review it and every movie gets to have a chance on getting to the Top 250 Movies list.

    Matt Reeves’ The Batman only came to cinemas globally this week and is presently sitting at 85th position on IMDb’s Top 250 with users having given the movie an average score of 8.3/10. Right in line with its former movies, The Dark Knight at 3rd place with 9.1/10 and The Dark Knight Rises at 68th place with 8.4/10.

    The film’s early reviews are more than enough evidence of Reeves’ genius direction. The reviews have been pouring in, gushing over Robert Pattinson and Zoë Kravitz‘s performances as well as the film’s potential to stand up to its predecessors and further climb up the ranks of the IMDb list.

    However, there always is a feud when the fanbase’s beloved characters revisit the screens directed and played by new people. The Batman is no exception to this. With the character also being directed by Zack Snyder, the hardcore fans don’t see the new movie being as good as DCEU’s version and are boycotting the Warner Bros. movie. IMDb Top 250 ranking at this point is anyone’s game, The Batman can either keep going up the list or be review-bombed in protest by Justice League admirers.

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