GamingStreet Fight 6 Juri and Kimberly revealed officially

    Street Fight 6 Juri and Kimberly revealed officially

    The news of Capcom releasing Street Fighter 6 during an EVO 2022 panel has left fans craving for more trailers and character reveals. With their latest trailer now here, the new fighter, Kimberly, and Street Fight 6 Juri had their reveal, which would join the squad of these fan-favorite fighters.

    Till now, Guile, Luke, Ryu, Chun-Li, and Jamie, featuring their move sets and final graphics, have been revealed in the trailers. The trailers also revealed some hints of new stages and music tracks that would be part of the game.

    With this new trailer now uploaded, Kimberly and Juri and now part of the group. Coming to the total of seven fighters, confirmed. As more players are being added to the count, we are getting closer to the debut of the long-awaited 2D fighter hopefully to be released in 2023.

    Both Kimberly and Juri seem to focus more on kicks and this is what seemed to tie them into one trailer. Both have strong kicking attacks with different aesthetics.


    Kimberly is similar to Guy who is another Ninja character and have already appeared multiple times in Street Fighter. There’s a reason for this comparison, as an official PlayStation blog article on the reveal revealed that Kimberly is a member of his Dojo. Makes sense for the kicks.

    Kimberly is a dark-skinned African-American woman. She has the protective hairstyle used by African women with curly hair. Her African heritage can also be seen on some of the patterns she’s wearing. Kimberly is a true prodigy who graduated from college earlier than usual and now aspires to be a ninja. Also, if you haven’t guessed by her style, she loves 1980s pop culture.

    This gives a lot to unpack regarding the lore but less to what her style may be. The only thing we see a lot is her love for 80s aesthetics and use of spray cans in her numerous attacks. She is focused on solid kicks and most aerial attacks. Let’s wait and see how different and similar she is to Guy.


    Unlike her companion in the trailer, Juri is a character that no Street Fighter fan may be unknown to. Juri is the same cruel fighter we’ve grown to adore since their arrival in Street Fighter 4. With Street Fighter 6’s new look, she’s gotten a design refresh, as well as a phone cover and motorcycle helmet to match her distinctive ear-like haircut. This new design may confuse you as to who she is but trust me, she’s still the same on the inside.

    Her move set appears to be relatively similar to past incarnations of the character. Some new additions based on features introduced with Street Fighter 6 are added though. Juri is a fantastic addition for people who enjoy kick combinations and characters with a bit of grit.

    With this list of now official Street Fight 6 Juri and Kimberly reveal, fans are waiting for more fighters. Some who might still be missing as they are their favorites. Till now, many old ones have made a comeback so it’s good to see the nostalgic faces.

    While waiting for this combat game to be revealed, you can spend your time playing more similar games. One of them is DNF Duel and here are the tips and tricks for starting it. Gook Luck!

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