GamingHorrorSolution to Museum Floor Clock Puzzle - Hello Neighbor 2

    Solution to Museum Floor Clock Puzzle – Hello Neighbor 2

    Apart from finding items in Hello Neighbor 2 there are a variety of puzzles that players must solve in order to obtain the necessary objects or keys to advance in the game. One of the riddles that players must complete on the second day of the museum investigation of Hello Neighbor 2 is the Museum floor clock puzzle. This guide will help you complete this puzzle with details.

    The museum is located on a hill in the neighborhood and is readily accessible by turning left from the Bakery. Continue following the trail to the hill to reach the Museum. The task is to open the safe on the second floor, but that needs a code. This code can be determined by the time shown on the grandfather clock, which is on the first floor. To activate this clock, you need to find three gears around the museum and then see the code.

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    Green Gear

    Green Gear
    Green Gear

    The green gear can be found on the globe, present in the same room as the safe. You can open the globe to get the gear. For this, interact with the globe so that it starts spinning.

    While it’s spinning, go to the right of the globe and interact with the lamp. This won’t have any effect on the globe but will come in handy later on. Once the globe stops, open the globe to get your hands on the first gear, the green one.

    Blue Gear

    Blue Gear
    Blue Gear

    Starting from the same room again, look for a table with a cushion on it. There would be a metal hook-type thing over it. Take it and then proceed to go towards the garage. Before that, check around to see if Mr. Peterson is near you. You’ll need to wait for a little or distract him to reach the stairs. This may take a few minutes.

    Once he is away from the stairs, dash for them and quickly go towards the door beside the grandfather clock. Open this door using a crowbar you may have acquired previously. This is a garage, and you’ll see a red car standing here. Go towards its front bumper and put the metal item on top of the bumper. The bumper will open up and inside this front bumper would be the second gear, the blue gear.

    Yellow Gear

    Yellow Gear
    Yellow Gear

    Because you turned on the blue bulb previously, the wall will be already, revealing a secret room. Before going in there, find a big box. Get near the box which would be adjacent to the red chair. A weight is contained within the box. Take it first and then enter the next room slowly.

    As you go in, you’ll see a large button on the floor on the right side. Put the weight over it. Following that, a secret chamber will appear on the wall above the bed’s headboard. This is where you may obtain the yellow equipment.

    Safe Code

    Safe Code: 1 1 3 5 - Hello Neighbor 2 Museum Floor Clock
    Safe Code: 1 1 3 5

    Now take all these gears to the grandfather clock on the ground floor. Add all three gears in and check the time on the clock. Make sure to keep an eye out for Mr. Peterson as the clock creates a sound and he may come to catch you. The clock will show the time 11:35. This is the code.

    Go back to the safe and put the code in. Once unlocked, the safe will reveal a camera. This will trigger a cutscene and mark the end of the puzzle.

    That’s all for this Museum Floor Clock solution for Hello Neighbor 2. For more similar guides, keep checking the guides section on this site Retrology.

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