GamingRoguelikeShip of Fools' upcoming update to feature new characters, difficulties, and more

    Ship of Fools’ upcoming update to feature new characters, difficulties, and more

    Released back in November 2022, Ship of Fools is undeniably one of the most unique yet creative games out there, and Kudos to its developers Fika Productions for that. One thing that is quite impressive is that this indie game is the debut game of Fika Productions which has received very positive reviews from the gaming community as a whole and on Steam as well. Additionally, the developers have already announced a Ship of Fools update, that we will be diving into in a bit.

    The game’s high-quality cartoon aesthetic helps maintain a clean look and the story itself makes the game interesting and fun at the same time. You play as the fools (Not literally of course), the only creatures who are fool enough to sail the sea and protect your home from the mighty Aquapocalypse.

    Ship of Fools Update – Release Date

    Nevertheless, on high demand, the developers have finally announced a new update of Ship of Fools releasing on the 9th of May 2023. As mentioned earlier by the developers every free update will bring with it two new characters that players can purchase in order to support their favorite hard-working Dev.

    Agnus – The Anglerfish

    Ship of Fools update
    Agnus – Via Fika Prodcutions

    The very first character is Angus that came from deep under the surface of the Archipelago. All we know about Agnus so far is that it has a dark past yet the future is something that is looking quite bright. With his blinding lure, Agnus has the ability to launch some torpedoes that hit an enemy with accuracy.

    Jules – The Diver

    Ship of Fools update
    Jules – Via Fika Productions

    Just like Agnus, Jules is also someone that came from deep under the surface of the Archipelago. His collectors magnet is something that allows players to get an extra trinket upon defeating the domain’s ruler as described by the developers.

    The Great Lighthouse

    Apart from the two characters, those players who have completed the game once and are now concerned about what are some upcoming tasks in the game. We have a piece of good news for you as well. There are additional 15 new difficulty tiers that players can unlock. Here is what the developers have to say on how to unlock a tier:

    “In order to unlock a tier, you’ll have to complete the game with the previous tiers active and each time you’ll gain a reward that will add new exciting activities or items in the Archipelago!”

    Spoiler Alert!

    Here is what the very first tier and its rewards look like:

    Ship of Fools update
    The Great Lighthouse – Via Fika Productions

    Unusual Seagull

    Unusual Seagull – Via Fika Productions

    Last, but not least, the developers have also mentioned about this weird-looking seagull that looks “friendly” according to developers. Seems quite the opposite though, guess we’ll have to dive into the game to know more.

    That’s all that has been disclosed so far about the Ship of Fools update and seems like all of us are excited to know more about this remarkable game. Do let us know about your thought about this update in the comment section below.

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