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    Shaman King: Flowers anime adaptation announced

    The Shaman King reboot has ended but the story will still go on as we’ve now seen the announcement of the adaptation of the Shaman King: Flowers manga. The 2021 anime ended with two images. One showed the entire group of characters standing together. The other showed the same group but as grown-ups. This led to the conclusion that the new show will be focused on Hana, who is the son of Yoh and Anna. The show will be set seven years into the future.

    A teaser trailer for Shaman King Season 2 was released on the official Shaman King Twitter account. Fans were surprised that the announcement of the sequel came so quickly after the end of the first one. Details about the plot or the release date are not available right now but the fans are hyped nonetheless. The reboot adapted all 35 manga volumes by Hiroyuki Takei. The Shaman King: Flowers manga was written as a spin-off that ran for two years in Jump X magazine. The manga, originally published in 2012, introduced Hana to the extended Asakura family while Yoh and Anna are on a world trip.

    Netflix has become the streaming center for Shaman King and they’re already running the English dub, reaching 30 out of 52 episodes. However, it is yet to be known if the same arrangement will continue for the sequel as well. Joji Furuta was the director for the original Shaman King, scriptwriting was led by Shoji Yonemura and Satohiko Sano was in charge of the character design. It can be quite confidently assumed that at least some of the original staff will continue on with the sequel considering the designs are already in place for the new show.

    Shaman King fans around the world will be very eager to hear more about the adaptation. For more anime and manga news, please keep following Retrology.

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