GamingBeat 'em upRiver City Girls 2 Delayed - Expected to release "Sometime After"

    River City Girls 2 Delayed – Expected to release “Sometime After”

    We have terrible news for all those fans who were looking forward to this summer’s release of River City Girls 2 because it has been reported that it will be postponed. The release of the long-awaited and highly loved game, River City Girls 2 is delayed and there are still no updates on when it will come out.

    Surprisingly, River City Girls became a new brand that attracted fans in the West in 2019 and made fans hunger for a sequel. WayForward announced River City Girls 2 in June 2021 in response to the sequel’s popularity. The sequel was expected to be released later this summer. However, probably, this will now not be the case. Here is the tweet sent by the official company.

    The original River City Girls follows Kyoko and Misako, two high-schoolers who know a thing or two about protecting themselves as they tour River City’s six areas in search of their abducted lovers, Kunio and Riki. As they fight their way through the streets, players will use the game’s combo mechanisms, such as counters, throws, and special strikes. They’ll also be able to engage with NPCs, including past River City games’ guest stars.

    Aside from the core scenario that follows the previous plotline, River City Girls 2 includes a few new features. Improved quest track, three difficulty settings, and a dynamic plot system with dialogue that varies depending on the player-controlled characters that would be among them. The game also has a new animated start, comic book-type cutscenes, and better music composing than before.

    With River City Girls 2 delayed, despite the long wait, we now need to go through these additions and hope they can make up for it. Hoping that all of these enhancements are as amazing as they sound.

    When and Where will River City Girls 2 be released?

    Unfortunately, no new release date was provided, but fans are advised to “stay tuned” for further information regarding the release date. The date is expected to come out “sometime After”. River City Girls 2 will be available on Steam for the PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, Nintendo Switch, and PC.

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