GamingNBA 2K23 The Classic Quest (All Details along with Answers)

    NBA 2K23 The Classic Quest (All Details along with Answers)

    The new NBA 2K23 has many sports for players. You can enjoy sports and show off your cool skateboard moves. There are challenges and quests waiting for you further in the game. And the Classic Quest is one of them. If you’re a fresher or don’t know much about them, then hang along to know the details of NBA 2K23 The Classic Quest.

    NBA 2K23: The Classic Quest

    NBA 2K23: The Classic Quest
    NBA 2K23: The Classic Quest

    In NBA 2K23, many challenges are there for its players in MyCareer. And you can receive many rewards from unlocking quests. They can discover them and enjoy them a lot. The Classic Quest is one of those quests. But first, you should know what is The Classic Quest. And it’s backstory.

    In-game, you create MyPlayer and start the game. You will have to progress in the game till the Welcome to the League quest, here is where you will see Herschel and Edgar sitting in a park.

    A chess game will be going on. Where you as a player will interrupt them. The players will be the game NPCs as Herschel and Edgar. Then you will sit down with Herschel and Edgar for a chess round. Now, they will corner you with their questions regarding basketball.

    They will inquiry you about the basketball game. They will ask you some of the most trivia questions. You have to answer the questions correctly to unlock the quest. And then only the Classic Quest will be unlocked.

    The Classic Quest Q & A’s in NBA 2K23

    The Classic Quest Q & A's in NBA 2K23
    The Classic Quest Q & A’s in NBA 2K23

    In NBA 2K23, The Classic Quest is a inquires series between both parties you and both Herschel and Edgar. They will ask you three questions. And you have to answer them correctly. The questions and their right answers are given below. Go ahead, and check them.

    #1: How many championships did Bill Russel win?

    Answer: 11

    #2: Which team has lost the most NBA Championships?

    Answer: Lakers

    #3: Which player was taken number one overall in the 1998 NBA Draft?

    Answer: Michael Olowokandi

    These simple questions will be asked. And once you answered them correctly, the Classic Quest will be unlocked for you. Moreover, you will receive many MVC points and virtual currency. This will help you purchase new stuff in-game.

    In the end, this quest is very simple and plain. YOu can easily solve it with the correct answers. NBA 2K23 The Classic Quest guide is very easy for a player like you. Go ahead in the game and get the Classic Quests unlocked smoothly.

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