GamingRole-PlayingMirthwood Announced: an indie RPG set in the Medieval era

    Mirthwood Announced: an indie RPG set in the Medieval era

    Ever wondered what would you prefer to do if you were living in medieval times? Would you like to spend your day in training hoping to become a knight or work all day on farms bathing in sunlight? Or perhaps a lone adventurer exploring the vast Earth? Well, now you don’t just have to imagine that Mirthwood can help you.

    Mirthwood is an RPG game developed by Bad Ridge Games and is set in the medieval era. It allows you to determine your fates and to become anyone you desire to be in this alluring virtual world. You can play according to your liking in whatever role you prefer. Along with your own game, you can interact with NPCs and build your relationship as needed.

    About Mirthwood: How is it different?


    When you think about the medieval era in games, you think about war and kingdoms and building an empire. To counter that, Mirthwood shows a completely different take with a calmer and more adventure-based approach rather than brutally action-based.

    Considering how the game is set in free lands, you’ll have many possibilities not usually found in games. Mirthwood’s official site explains how the players are allowed to do anything in this world, which can range from a farmer to warrior. This provides a wide range of options for gamers as some can play this just to relax and farm crops while others may plan to embark on a journey through different areas.

    Similar games

    If we take out the fantasy aspect of the game, it is more like the Stardew Valley. From village life to small characters, it shows the similarity of building and maintaining your lands. Although the animation is much more defined and angular as compared to the pixelated one of Stardew, the similarity in style can still be seen.

    Another similar game is Sims. Now you may think, how can Sims be similar? Well, if you think about it, it’s just a medieval-era Sims as you can do everything you want in the game just like in Sims. The only difference is the time period the game is set in. Not a quite good example, but it can give you an idea of how this game will be.

    Mirthwood doesn’t have a fixed release date yet, although it is confirmed to be released in 2024. Also, as this game is up on Steam, it gives a high chance of it being a PC game. It can later on be available on different platforms but for now, none are confirmed. As soon as the information is released, we’ll hopefully cover the news, so stay tuned.

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    Izna Anjum
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