Intel introduces new Gaming-dedicated GPUs powered with XeSS

    Intel is the world’s largest semiconductor chip manufacturer by revenue. It is known for its processors which power many of the world’s computers, tablets, laptops, and servers. Intel has recently disclosed the branding for its upcoming high-end discrete graphics and it is entirely based on the Intel Arc’s XE HPG Architecture A.k.a. DG2. It is also been decided that all the products which are based on DG2 will be denoted by Team Blue under the new “Arc” branding. Moreover, words on the street are that all the future generations of Intel’s discrete graphics will be using Arc and will be powered by new sampling technology – XeSS

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    Intel Arc is the company’s first big venture into dedicated gaming GPUs. A promo of further details for the upcoming graphics cards at the company’s Architecture Day event revealed the first look at Intel’s AI-accelerated supersampling which is now recognized as XeSS.

    XeSS uses deep learning to synthesize images close to the quality of native high-resolution which is rendered by reenacting subpixel details from nearby pixels and former frames. XeSS is set to compete with Nvidia’s own Deep Learning Super Sampling (DLSS) tech. The sampling technology will come along with the first Arc GPU architecture, known as Alchemist.

    Furthermore, the codenames of the future generation of Arc graphic products have also been revealed and they are as follow:

    • Battlemage (2nd gen Xe-HPG architecture)
    • Celestial (3rd gen)
    • Druid (Xe Next Architecture)

    Intel has stated that Alchemist will provide full support for DirectX 12 Ultimate, along with hardware-based ray tracing with support for both DirectX Raytracing (DXR) and Vulkan Ray Tracing. And along with that Intel has stated that they won’t be manufacturing Alchemist’s SoCs on its own instead they will outsource the manufacturing of its Arc products to other semiconductor manufacturing company i.e. TSMC. Intel will also have its AI-driven super-sampling technology like Nvidia’s DLSS.

    For now that’s all that company has revealed at the Architecture Day event. Further details regarding Alchemist are expected to reveal at CES next year hopefully.  For more details and updates keep following Retrology.

    SourceThe Verge
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