How to unlock Propnight secret outfits

    Published by MYTONA and developed by Fntastic, Propnight is a newly released multiplayer survival-horror game in which Physics plays a great role. To hide from the mysterious killers who are responsible for making teenagers disappear from a town, players can literally become props like tires, chess pieces, stools, and more to maneuver around. Propnight features 4v1 multiplayer with each player having different skin and outfit. In this guide, we will guide you on how to unlock Propnight secret outfits.

    In order to unlock secret outfits in Propnight, you would have to use the codes. However, there is a proper way that would have to follow to utilize the codes and unlock the outfits.

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    The following are the steps:

    • Go to the main menu.
    • Type the code with number keys.
    • Note: The number pad won’t work.
    • Enter the code
    • Wait for the notification in the center of the screen.

    You can unlock the following secret outfits in Propnight by using the codes mentioned below.

    Baseball Star – Taiga

    Code: 0312

    This outfit is for the playable character, Taiga. It gives a pinkish touch and overall a calm look.

    via Steam

    Bear – Igor

    Code: 6641

    For Igor, there is a crazy-looking Bear costume that is holding a chainsaw.

    via Steam

    Gamer Girl – Kate

    Code: 3011

    Kate gets a cute Gamer Girl outfit featuring a pink jacket, pants, and headphones with cat ears.

    via Steam

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