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    How to Destroy the Bedrock Keys in Genshin Impact

    The most popular adventure RPG, Genshin Impact, is finally allowing its players to access The Chasm after the 2.6 version update. To enter The Chasm, you must destroy the Bedrock Keys. The Bedrock Keys are large floating Geo structures and they can be destroyed very easily as we’ll show you how in the guide below.

    Destroy the Geogranas

    Find and attack the glowing, jagged rocks, known as Geogranas, preferably with a claymore or a Geo user. Upon destroying it, a glowing core will pop out. The player will automatically pick them up upon destruction of the rocks.

    Place The Cores Inside The Cage

    Now you must jump up on the hill and you can see the cage-like structure. Walk towards the structure and the glowing core that you picked up earlier will flow into the cage. Once the core goes into the cage, it will start glowing. Now you need to find the other Geogranas, get their core, and place them in their respective cages before moving on to the next step.

    Fire the Projectiles

    Once you attack the cage, it will shoot a projectile to damage the Bedrock Keys. You need to position yourself in line with the Bedrock Key to direct the projectile. After the projectile hits the Bedrock Key, the Bedrock Key will get nearer to the ground, signifying the damage, and the cage will be destroyed.

    Once you do this for one cage, repeat the process for all of the other cages near the Bedrock Key. And after that, repeat the larger process for each Bedrock Key. Once you destroy all the Bedrock Keys, The Chasm will be unsealed.

    If you need help in finding all the Lumenstones, you can see how to do that here. We, at Retrology, also have many more guides for Genshin Impact and various other games that can be useful.

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