How to beat Green Wart in Tails of Iron (Final Boss)

    The final boss in the latest side-scrolling action RPG can be a little tricky. In order to beat Green Wart in Tails of Iron, you need to be adaptive to his quick moves and have an overall good endurance. Needless to say, having good weapons, tough armor, more healing drinks, and a long health bar will significantly help you in this battle.

    Green Wart has three phases. Let’s discuss the phases one by one.

    First Phase

    The attacks included in this phase are:

    • Thrust attack (Red warning): Dodge this attack, get behind the boss, hit him.
    • Parryable spear attack (Yellow Warning): Parry this attack and hit him.
    • Blockable shove attack (Yellow Warning): The frog shoves his spear in ground and then hit you with it and rocks. Block this attack.
    • Jump attack: Green Wart will jump few steps forward from where he is standing. Dash through this attack.

    In this phase, keep an eye for the moment when Green Wart will just walk backward without launching any attack for a while. This will be a golden chance to land multiple hits on him.

    Tails of Iron

    Second Phase

    The attacks included in this phase are:

    • Jump Thrust attack (Red warning): This time the boss jumps and then attacks. After doing it twice, Green Wart gets tired. Hit him at that moment.
    • Throw attack: Green Wart will throw his spear towards you. This will also knock out Denis who will be assisting you. Slide through this attach and get away from the spear as the frog will jump towards his weapon to get it back.
    • Rolling Spear attack (Red Warning): In this move, the enemy moves from one side of the screen to other while rolling his spear to attack you. Simply dodge this attack by rolling past the boss.
    • Jump attack: In this phase the jump will be at the same position where Green Wart will be standing, so move away from him.

    Third Phase

    In this phase, Green Wart goes berserk and attacks with the following moves:

    • Tongue attack (Yellow warning): The final phase starts with the tongue attack. This can be blocked or dodged.
    • Jump and tongue attack: Green Wart jumps, aims his tongue diagonally and then lands where he points his tongue. Avoid both his tonigue and his body. There is a short opening when he lands on ground. You can hit him then.
    • Acid attack: The boss vomits acid. There is a warning before this attack so get behind when he starts to vomit and hit him.
    • Tongue Swing attack: Green Wart will often jump, swing to other corner with his tongue and then fall on the ground. Dodge both the swing and his falling. After he falls, there is an opening, if are you near him you can land some hits.
    • Rolling attack: Green Wart rolls towards you to hit you. Simple dash past him.
    • Bite attack: Keep an eye for this attack as there is no warning before this one. Green Wart growls and then suddenly try to bite you when you are near him. So, while attacking him, be cautious of the boss leaning backwards and growling. This attack can be blocked.

    That’s all. We hope that this guide will help you to beat Green Wart in Tails of Iron. For more guides, keep following Retrology.

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