GamingHow to beat Clubba in Tails of Iron

    How to beat Clubba in Tails of Iron

    Clubba in Tails of Iron doesn’t come alone at you. He is accompanied by a small frog alongside him. In order to beat Clubba in Tails of Iron, we would suggest that you first take down the small frog as he can cause unwanted disturbance in beating the actual boss fight. Furthermore, it should be noted that hitting the small frog doesn’t deplete the boss’s health bar. It is only after you hit the big frog, the enemy health bar would reduce.

    Nevertheless, Here is how you can beat Clubba in Tails of Iron

    Kill the small frog

    As this companion of Clubba doesn’t affect the enemy health bar and can be a hindrance in beating the boss, we would suggest that you focus only on him in the beginning. The small frog waits a second before launching his attack. His attack should be dodged with a forward dash.

    After you get behind him, hit him. However, keep in check that in meantime Clubba is not going for his attack. It is better if you can separate the small frog from Clubba by staying far from them. Once, the other frog is near you and Clubba is far, then perform the dodge and attack

    Maintain distance from Clubba

    The key to beat Clubba is to maintain distance from him. He has two jump attacks that should be dodged. In one move, he jumps and lands where he was initially standing but in the second move, he jumps toward you. Oftentimes, Clubba does both of his jumping one after the other, so as advised in this phase, keep dashing and maintaining your distance. If you are hit by these attacks, get far from Clubba and heal yourself.

    beat Clubba in Tails of Iron
    Maintain distance from Clubba

    Wait for his club attack

    To hit him, you need to wait until he performs his club attack which is warned with a red sign. This attack usually comes after his aerial attacks. You have to dodge this attack and get behind him. After his club attack, the big frog pauses a bit. That’s our cue to subject him with multiple hits.

    Tales of Iron
    Clubba club attack

    We hope that this guide was helpful enough for you in beating Clubba. For more guides like these, keep following Retrology.

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