GamingHello Neighbor 2 Cash Register Puzzle - Complete Solution

    Hello Neighbor 2 Cash Register Puzzle – Complete Solution

    For our smart players, Hello Neighbor 2 is built with many puzzles and jigsaw challenges that need to be solved. These challenges include finding certain items or solving puzzles. This horror stealth game is about finding out the dark secrets of the neighbors by going into their houses.

    This game has many locations that have puzzles. One of them is the Cash Register Location. Here, I will help you with the Hello Neighbor 2 Cash Register Puzzle so you can find the missing pieces and solve the puzzles smoothly.

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    Hello Neighbor 2: Cash Register Puzzle

    The Cash Register Puzzle will be on the second day of the Investigation. Before that, you have to survive the first day. on the first day, you will enter the Blue House. You will be exploring the basement of the house.

    After exploration of the Blue House, the first-day ends. You will exit from the basement at night. After you leave the house, you will head towards the Museum and reach there by the end of the night. Now, you will wake up to begin the next day. On the second day, you will head towards the Pretzel Shop in the Neighborhood.

    Pretzel Shop will be located on the right side of the main road that leads to your house. It is very easy to recognize it as it has a big Pretzel on the top of the shop. Head inside the bakery and look for the cash counter. On the left side, you will see the counter. Head towards it to find a cash register over it. Now, the puzzle begins.

    To solve this puzzle, you have to find its missing pieces. You have to look for them inside the bakery. Let’s begin with the guide to finding all four missing buttons.

    Button #1

    Button #1
    Button #1

    Find the baker and follow her silently. She has the key to the refrigerator and she holds it in her back pocket. Cautiously take the key without alerting her. Now, head outside the bakery and move to its left side towards the window. Open the window to enter the backside of the bakery.

    Here you will see a refrigerator with a lock. Use the key to open the fridge and get the fish snack. Head outside to move towards the left to see a door. As you open the door, a cat will be playing there with the button. Place the snack on her plate and she will lure to it. Grab button #1.

    Button #5

    hello neighbor 2 cash register puzzle
    Button #5

    You will see a red value outside the window from where you entered to find the fridge. Grab it and move outside the window. Move the ladder to the side to reach the roof. Use the Crowbar from the inventory and break the window. Break it and enter to reach the door on the right side.

    There will be a Red Geyser and place the Red Value on it to pour some hot water. Water the plant on the balcony with it. Equip your Scissors to cut the plants from the middle and there you will get button #5.

    Button #7

    hello neighbor 2 cash register puzzle
    Button #7

    Reach Baker’s room on the right of the first floor. On the left, you will a Stitching on the Heart. Use your Scissors to cut the stitches and get the Clock Needles. Place the needles correctly on the wall clock. Now, place it on the wall of the washroom of the baker’s room on the left. Set the time to 10:35 AM. As you set the time, a small compartment will open up with button #3 in it.

    Button #6

    hello neighbor 2 cash register puzzle
    Button #6

    Go inside the Baker’s Kitchen when she is not in the room. Open the cabinet that this in front of the Fire Extinguisher. You will see a fridge on the left. Open it to see a frozen key inside the Ice Cube. Take the Ice Cube to the oven to melt it. Us the Fire Extinguisher to put the flames.

    If the Baker returns while you’re melting the Ice Cube, she will put the key back in the freezer. As she moves somewhere else, gets back the key from the freezer before it freezes again. Move to the first floor and open the box on the table. You will find the last button 6.

    Cash Register Code

    Put all the missing buttons. The code of the cash register is 1576 which is written on the right of the picture. Enter to open the counter and get the key from within.

    The guide to Hello Neighbor 2 Cash Register Puzzle is easy and smooth for you. For more such gaming content, the Gaming page of Retrology for more such assistance.

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