GamingRole-PlayingHarvestella: How to cook Lethe Vegetable Salad

    Harvestella: How to cook Lethe Vegetable Salad

    Enjoy cooking and looking for a simulation game that has it? You can try Harvestella as it has everything you’ll need for cooking in-game. If you are playing the game or intend to play it, you will need a recipe guide and a concept of how to make the various recipes. To begin, this guide will assist you with one of the dishes that can be prepared: Lethe Vegetable Salad in Harvestella.

    Unlock Kitchen

    After solving multiple puzzles in Harvestella, and crafting kits, you must recharge by cooking food for yourself. Before cooking anything, you’ll need to have access to a kitchen. Here is a short description of how you can unlock and use the kitchen for cooking.

    • First, collect 2000 Grilla.
    • Take this to Lethe’s Village and find the Renovator and talk with them.
    • There, pick the Kitchen Counter option from the Shop Menu.
    • This will be 24 hours before the game. In the meantime, you can rest and just go about your day until it’s finished.

    Once the renovation is done, the renovator will gift you the recipe for Mountain Stir Fry, which would be your first recipe that can be cooked.

    Making of Lethe Vegetable Salad in Harvestella

    You must first obtain the recipe for your dinner before you can enjoy it. The Lethe Vegetable Salad recipe can be obtained by buying the Homely Lethe Recipes booklet from the Lethe General Store for 300 Grilla.

    Once you’ve unlocked the Kitchen, you can interact with the counter, which will open the menu with all learned recipes. The same menu also indicates how much in-game time is required to prepare the meal and lists the components.


    In this case of making Lethe Vegetable Salad in Harvestella, you’ll need the following ingredients in your inventory to start the cooking. All of these items are harvested on your farm. Further details about the price and where to find the seeds are given below.

    Dress LettuceLethe General Store55 Grilla
    CarropNemea General Store95 Grilla
    UnionionNemea General Store105 Grilla


    To begin preparing a certain food, choose it from the list and then select the Prepare Food option. The screen will go black, and your dish will be cooked and added to your inventory. The Lethe Vegetable Salad takes 30 minutes of the game to make, so you can just wait around for it to be done.

    Harvestella allows you to unlock new recipes by purchasing different recipe books from Town’s General Store, turning in recipes at the Inn, and completing quests, challenges, and other activities.


    Once you eat the cooked Lethe Vegetable Salad, you’ll have the following benefits from it along with 25 hunger replenished.

    • 1450 HP
    •  Stamina +50%
    •  Physical Attack +10%
    •  Physical Defense +10%
    •  Magic Attack +10%

    That’s all for this Lethe Vegetable Salad recipe. For more guides to help you though, you can check out the guides section and help yourself.

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