GamingFirst-Person ShooterGuide to Warhammer 40K: Darktide all Veteran Sharpshooter Feats

    Guide to Warhammer 40K: Darktide all Veteran Sharpshooter Feats

    The Sharpshooter class specializes in ranged combat, as should come as no surprise. You stand back and take off the most threatening enemies, your precision abilities making you a headshot machine. If you’re most at ease with first-person shooters, this is probably the class for you. With the class in Warhammer 40K: Darktide out of the way, you should think about the perks or Veteran Sharpshooter Feats that come with every five levels. This guide will help with the different perks you can get so let’s continue.

    Veteran Sharpshooter Feats List

    You get new feats every five levels and that goes up to level 30. Three perks are given to you for each level and you can choose between them to build your character accordingly.

    Level 5

    Confirmed Kill: Restore 25% Toughness on Elite Kill, with an additional 25% Toughness over time.

    Exhilarating Takedown: Restore 10% Toughness with Ranged Weak Spot Kill.

    At Arm’s Length: Restore 5% Toughness every second being more than eight metres away from enemies.

    Level 10

    Sniper: Deal up to 20% more damage based on your distance from the target.

    Tactical Reload: +20% Reload Speed if you still have ammo in your weapon.

    Demolition Stockpile: Replace one Grenade every 60 seconds.

    Level 15

    Bio-Optic Targeting: Non-Ogryn Elites and Specialists are designated as Priority Targets by Volley Fire for all allies in Coherency.

    Demolition Team: Your teammates have a 5% chance of gaining a Grenade on Enemy Kill.

    Covering Fire: When you kill an adversary with a ranged strike, friends within melee range of the target regenerate 10% Toughness.

    Level 20

    Unwavering Focus: +75% Toughness damage mitigation from Ranged attacks during Volley Fire.

    Duck and Dive: Avoiding ranged attacks by any means gives you 20% Stamina.

    Camo Expert: When you stand stationary, adversaries are far less likely to target you.

    Level 25

    Frag Storm: All foes hit by Frag Grenades receive 8 stacks of Bleed.

    Deadshot: Gain 25% Critical Chance and 60% Sway Reduction when using your weapon’s Alt Fire, but lose 10% Stamina every second.

    One after Another: Increase reload speed by +30% on Elite Kill.

    Level 30

    Sustained Fire: Volley Fire reloads your weapon while also replenishing 60% of your Toughness. Killing a Targeted Enemy while Volley Fire is active renews its duration.

    Counterfire: During Volley Fire, counterfire deals +25% Weak Spot damage. Volley Fire has made all Scab Shooters Priority Targets. Killing a Targeted Enemy while Volley Fire is active renews its duration.

    The Bigger They Are…: +50% Damage during Volley Fire. Priority targets for Volley Fire are Ogryn and Monstrosities. Killing a Targeted Enemy while Volley Fire is active renews its duration.

    The Best Combination

    The best endgame build for the veteran Sharpshooter with Feats is combining the elements which can strengthen each other. You have a total of six abilities to distribute and choose out of all the above. Here are the ones you are suggested to equip to get the best result.

    • Level 5 – Exhilarating Takedown
    • Level 10 – Demolition Stockpile
    • Level 15 – Bio-Optic Targeting
    • Level 20 – Duck and Dive
    • Level 25 – Deadshot
    • Level 30 – Counterfire

    That’s all for this topic of Veteran Sharpshooter Feats in Warhammer 40K: Darktide. For more related guides, check out the guides section on our site, retrology.

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