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    Guide to the Zodiac Points System in UNDECEMBER

    In UNDECEMBER, levelling up the character, their equipment, and their weapons is one of the most crucial things to do because it boosts the character’s abilities and damage. There are two mechanics known as Zodiac System and Runes that will increase the character’s stats and help you build your customized character. Here, we’ll discuss about the Zodiac Points System in UNDECEMBER and guide you about it.

    The Zodiac System

    Your character’s skill tree, or Zodiac System, is where you can invest your stat points to get the stats you want. The Zodiac system is one of the formation you can use for your character customization. It appears more complicated than it actually is. You can use Zodiac Tokens to explore each path in further detail if your Intelligence, Strength, and Dexterity.


    The Zodiac system can be used by players to increase a character’s STR, DEX, and INT, which will improve their skills. Each of these three will boost a different Active and Passive power that will eventually become your build. Here are what each one does to the character.

    • Strength: Increases HP and Armor (Tank Build)
    • Dexterity: Increases Hit Rate and Dodge Rate (DPS build)
    • Intelligence: Increases Mana and Barrier (Wizard build)

    Your First Growth Axis and Second Growth Axis, which are characteristic points that grant you passive benefits, are displayed to you through the Zodiac system. Every time you level up, you receive Stat and Trait Points. You can use the former to increase your STR, DEX, and INT, while the latter can be used to increase the benefits of your skills. When you make a mistake, you can use extra Gold or Stardust of Oblivion, if you manage to find any, to reset your Zodiac.

    Your damaged output will be increased by the Zodiac system. You will acquire stat and characteristic points each time you level up, which you can use to elevate your status. Equipment that is used for melee, bow, or magic combat is first given a combination of Skill Runes and Link Runes.


    The Traits that you can utilize to activate Zodiac Nodes add another dimension to the Zodiac system. These nodes provide your character extra advantages like increased physical damage, projectile damage, spell damage, etc.

    Every time you level up, you receive one trait point in addition to stat points. When distributing Trait Points, you must start with the weaker nodes in order to advance to the more powerful ones. Depending on the build you want, you can decide which nodes to assign your points to.

    Freedom to Customization

    The freedom to use the ability of Zodiac Points aids you to focus on certain specialized skills and is quite helpful. Since it allows players total choice over how they play the game, it gives players customize and do whatever they want with a wide range of customizations.

    The Zodiac System also allows you to experimenting with new combos and resetting skills without suffering any consequences. You can choose any type of build you want to play with and build the character in your way. Just make sure to keep some things balanced.

    That’s all for the feature of Zodiac Points System in UNDECEMBER. Hopefully this will help you understand how this works. For more guides, check out UNDECEMBER guides.

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