GamingRole-PlayingGuide to Find Metal Detector in GTA Online

    Guide to Find Metal Detector in GTA Online

    GTA Online has always had some news to surprise its fans. The new content and updates are here to give you new thrills. These new updates like how to unlock M16 service carbine or new cars collection will sink new players in GTA Online. You can get Metal Detector as loot now. If you don’t know how to get the metal detector. Then this article, GTA Online find metal detector guide will give you accurate details. Let’s begin!

    GTA Online Guide: Find Metal Detector

    GTA Online Guide: Find Metal Detector
    GTA Online Guide: Find Metal Detector

    Rockstar’s GTA Online has a multiplayer mode with adventures and heists to win. Hefty money and branded cars are what every player wants to claim. But in this game, you have to work the right way to get it. With every new update, players get more to win. GTA Online players got confused and feels it was complicated with this update. But actually, it’s the other way. The process is quite easy by following the right steps.

    Let’s start from Los Santos Beach. Players have to start from there or some spot near the water. You can also look for blue dots on the map. Each blue dot is a random event. Simply fly over to the blue dot to get rewarded. If it isn’t Metal Detector, don’t be disappointed. There are more blue dots. Try for them. But the route we mentioned here is the ideal path to get your detector.

    Where is the Metal Detector?

    On the map, you can see the water area. Follow that route. Search for a helicopter. If you don’t have access to one, you can easily get one for yourself. Call Merryweather and ask for a helicopter. As it arrives, shoot the pilot and take over. Follow the route to the blue dot and make sure to stay at a low height.

    Take the helicopter to reach the blue dot location
    Take the helicopter to reach the blue dot location

    This will take 30 minutes to reach the exact spot. As you reach there, the blue dot pops up on a mini-map and indicates that you have reached the exact location. Make sure the dot says “skeleton”. Once you reach the exact location, jump from your helicopter and look under the dock.

    Metal Detector Found
    Metal Detector Found

    Once you are under the dock, you will see the skeleton. You can also check the blue dots map to confirm that this is the right event. Move closer to the skeleton and search for the detector. You can see a metal detector on either side of the skeleton. Grab it and now you have the metal detector.

    GTA Online keeps updating the new content and story so fans don’t feel bored. The other blue dots are more random thrilling events or heists to win. These updates keep the daunting players motivated to have more fun and gain more resources. So, keep looking for updates and have new tools.

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