GamingFirst-Person ShooterFind all Pagan Min Chibi locations in Far Cry 6

    Find all Pagan Min Chibi locations in Far Cry 6

    Far Cry 6 new DLC, Pagan: Control has just been released, and as its name suggests it features the popular villain from Far Cry 4. We are talking about no other than Pagan Min. In Pagan: Control, players get to play as Pagan Min who is set to save his daughter, Lakshmana who is apparently kidnapped. This is the second DLC in the series of three. The first one features Far Cry 3’s Vaas and the third one will include the antagonist of Far Cry 5, Joseph Seed. In this guide, we will discuss all Pagan Min Chibi locations in this new DLC.

    There are a total of 10 Pagan Min Chibi Locations. We will show you the points in the map and the exact location in-game where you would find the chibis.

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    Pagan Min Chibi Location #1

    Head to the location on the map. There will be a hut and beside it will be a tree. On the branch of the tree will be our first Pagan Min chibi. Shoot it and add it to your collection.

    Pagan Min Chibi Location #2

    For the second one, you would have to do a little bit of climbing on the rocks in front of the chibi. As then, you will get at the same level and will be able to shoot it.

    Pagan Min Chibi Location #3

    Go to the location on the map. Go under the hut and check its roof. The third Pagan Min chibi will be there.

    Pagan Min Chibi Location #4

    This one can be missed. You have to get to the corner of the rocks and observe carefully the presence of the fourth chibi. For your ease, we have highlighted where you can find it.

    Pagan Min Chibi Location #5

    For this one, you just have to go near one of the rocks on top of which Pagan Min chibi is situated. Like before, shoot it and add it into your collection of Pagan Min chibis.

    Pagan Min Chibi Location #6

    This trickier. The sixth Pagan Min chibi is on a mountain top. You would have to do a lot of climbing first. Then there will be a short wooden bridge that would need to cross carefully. After crossing the bridge, look to the right, there will be a nest. The chibi will be there.

    Pagan Min Chibi Location #7

    When you have reached the location pointed on the map. Move towards the pillar on the right (if you have come from behind, otherwise, left). On top of the pillar will be the seventh Pagan Min Chibi.

    Pagan Min Chibi Location #8

    Again a trickier one. For this, you would have to look all the way up to the edge of the cliff. Shoot the pointed figure and the chibi will be yours.

    Pagan Min Chibi Location #9

    First, reach the location highlighted on the map. Then move towards the cave and the ninth chibi will be visible.

    Pagan Min Chibi Location #10

    Finally, head to the last location. There will be a box as shown in the image. Go near it and then there you will be able to find the last Pagan Min chibi inside the box. Shoot it through the whole and boast about all ten Pagan Min chibis in your collection.

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