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    Guide for Adventurer’s Trials Day 4 – Genshin Impact

    Welcome back to another guide for Genshin Impact 3.2 event Adventurer Trials; this time for Day 4. If you missed the last Day 3 or the ones before it, you can check them out here. If you’ve missed out on the basics, this event is a daily event with three challenges for each day. All of them have challenges that you may have done before or something new entirely; so it’s not predictable.

    Day 4 challenge has two previously existing challenges and one new challenge not done yet in the previous days. Let’s start this guide to complete the Genshin Impact event’s Adventurer Trials challenge for day 4.

    Challenge # 1: A Close Home Run

    In this challenge, your task is to hit the upcoming balls. You need to score 350 points before the time runs out to succeed. The character you are given is Beidou and she is quite beneficial for this. Her sword covers a large area and can take down multiple at once.

    • The straight balls (blue ones) give you 1 point each.
    • The curveballs (yellow ones) give you 5 points when hit.

    Although curveballs give you more benefits, they don’t make much of a difference as straight balls come in groups of three or four, making them almost equally important. Remember to keep your eye on the time and finish the desired number for the challenge.

    Challenge # 2: Superfast Hat Trick

    This is a repeat challenge from Day 1. To earn points and finish the task, use your character’s attack to knock the Slimes into the Vine Goals. Your goal is to score 35 goals as quickly as possible because this is a timed task.

    • Knocking an Electro Slime into any of the Vine Goals to earn 1 point.
    • Knocking a Large Electro Slime into any of the Vine Goals to score 5 points.

    With her Elemental Skill, Jean can direct foes toward the vine goals. Her sword covers a large area, making it useful when multiple slimes are coming your way.

    Challenge # 3: Verdant Tsunami

    Another challenge is repeating from Day 2 but this time the approach is a little different. The character Ayaka needs to use her speed skill, Alternate Sprint, to move quickly in the water and get coins. The objective of this task is to collect 180 coins to complete the challenge. There are two types of coins and both have different point systems:

    • You get 1 point when you collect a usual Adventure Coin during the challenge.
    • You get 5 points when you collect a Large Adventure Coin.

    Focus more on large coins as they can help you reach the goal faster. Keep an eye out for golden orbsballs, as they can recover your stamina; helping you use sprint longer. Also, there are some dust balls that cover the screen, making the movement harder so avoid them from reaching the goal within time.

    That takes us to the end of Guide for Adventurer’s Trials Day 4. To know about Guide for Adventurer’s Trials Day 5 or for more guides, keep following Retrology.

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