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    Guide for Adventurer’s Trials Day 1 – Genshin Impact

    Another event’s Day 1 for the Genshin Impact 3.2 update is here, called Adventurer’s Trials. Adventurer’s Trials begins on Friday, November 4th, and concludes on Monday, November 21st. You need to be Adventure Rank 20 in order to take part. This guide will tell you how to go through each challenge for this Adventurer’s Trials Day 1 event in Genshin Impact.

    For this entertaining event, you take control of several characters for a unique task special to them. If you don’t already have a certain character, you’ll be able to control them during a trial time limited to the event.

    Challenge # 1: Superfast Hat Trick

    To score points and complete the challenge, you’ll have to knock the Slimes into the Vine Goals by activating the Overloaded reaction with attacks by your character. Your goal is to score 35 goals and make a point to do it as fast as you can as this is a timed challenge.

    • To score 1 point, knock an Electro Slime into any of the Vine Goals.
    • To score 5 points, knock a Large Electro Slime, to any of the Vine Goals.

    Yanfei, the character for this challenge, has Normal Attacks which allow her to shoot the Electro Slimes toward the vine goals. With her Charged Attacks and Elemental talent, she can also shoot multiple slimes toward the goals easily.

    During the challenge, there will be circular discs that will block the vine goals in the second half. You need to time your way around them to goal when they are not in the way.

    Challenge 2: Smash ‘n’ Bash

    Use continuous attacks to break the Explosive Rocks, which is the task. You need to break 220 blocks before the time runs out. Target big explosive rocks throughout the challenge. If you don’t see any in the line you are at, move to the other side and break some rocks there. Another benefit of destroying explosive blocks is that they would also break the surrounding other blocks, making the goal easier to reach.

    • If you smash Normal Explosive Rocks, you score 1 point. (Yellow Blocks)
    • If you smash Special Explosive Rocks, you score 3 points. (Orange blocks)

    The character for this stage is Razor. Razor’s Elemental Skill Hold can easily shatter many blocks. Also, his Elemental Burst accelerates his Normal Attacks, allowing him to shatter rocks as quickly as possible. Use it as much as possible.

    Challenge 3: Shieldbreaker

    The objective for this challenge is to defeat 16 opponents spawned in pairs or triplets. During the challenge, all party members will have their cooldowns reduced, and their HP will be constantly replenished.

    Kazuha is used for this challenge. His Elemental Skill and Elemental Burst are good enough to break opponent shields and defeat the opponents immediately. By utilizing Kazuha’s Elemental Skill and Elemental Burst near a Pyro Torch or a Hydro Stone, you can breach the Abyss Mage shields faster.

    • When the target number of opponents is defeated, the challenge is declared a success.
    • When the adversaries’ shields are broken during the challenge, they are instantly defeated.

    With these three tasks completed, you would be successful in completing Day 1 of Adventurer’s Trials easily. Stay updated with guides for Genshin Impact’s upcoming events and days.

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