GamingPuzzleGuide: Escape Academy Escape Artist Solution

    Guide: Escape Academy Escape Artist Solution

    The Escape Artist level in the Escape Academy game takes place within The Hall Of Escapists. After entering Escape Academy, you will have the choice of choosing between two distinct escape rooms, with the Escape Artist being the simpler one. To help you beat the stage, Escape Academy Escape Artist Solution will go over all of the actions you’ll need to do and the puzzles you’ll need to solve.

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    Room # 1

    To begin the challenge, speak with Professor Slip, the art teacher. Your mission is to locate the hidden paintings and put your mark on the monument.

    • Turn left inside the building. There are numerous drawings of a still-life picture inside, but the seat on which they are working is empty. To locate the first clue, you must recreate the situation.
      • Take the bottle of wine from the chair in front of the center easel.
      • Take the cheese from the seat beside the lockers close to the easel.
      • Unlock the middle locker. Take the banana from within.
    Escape Academy Escape Artist Solution
    Collect wine bottle, cheese, and banana.
    • Return to the first stool. To reproduce the scenario, pick it, then choose the three objects you just gathered.
    • Walking behind the reproduced scenario reveals that the paint on the cheese, wine, and banana may line up to form three numbers: 139.
    Escape Academy Escape Artist Solution
    The items reveal the code 139
    • This code is used to open the first locker. This locker would reveal the Anti-Invisible Ink.
    The anti invisible ink inside the locker
    The anti invisible ink inside the locker
    • Next, make your way to the big splotches of yellow, blue, and red paint on the wall with your Anti-Invisible Ink in this same chamber. Interact with and utilize the ink to reveal a lines of paint.
    Escape Academy Escape Artist Solution: The hidden lines
    The hidden lines
    • From left to right, the lines construct trails from the switches adjacent to the entrance that link to one of the paint splotches. Some pathways reach a joint in the road. In this scenario, mix the colors that would be displayed on the switch.
    • Once you’re done, the code is: red, purple, yellow, green. 
    The complete solution of colours
    The complete solution of colors
    • This will open the office from where you can get the spray paint. Next comes the painting.
    Left cabinet containing painting
    Left cabinet containing painting

    Middle stage (Path to second room)

    • Return to the main room and open the cabinet on the left. You’ll see artwork here. Take it to the frame where it will be shredded.
    • Rearrange the pieces according to the arrows and art.
    Guide on how to arrange the picture
    Guide on how to arrange the picture
    • Once you are done, you will get a series of arrow codes that will help you open the locked door opposite the frame.
    • Enter the following code: Right, Left, Right, Up, Down, Down.
    • Scan the photos along the wall once inside. Then go outside and observe the symbols accordingly. The final code is:
      • Left Center Button
      • Right Button in the Center
      • Button on the bottom left
    The code to the case using symbols
    The code to the case using symbols
    • This safe will reveal the shape of the stand. This is a clue for which picture you should follow to alter the lion’s facial features.
    • Now go out and arrange the lion’s face features on the door on the right side of the courtyard. The face should look like this:
    Escape Academy Escape Artist Solution: door to room # 2
    The lion’s face: door to room # 2

    Room # 2

    This room has everything to do with statues.

    Room # 2 (statues) Escape Academy Escape Artist Solution
    Room # 2 (statues) Escape Academy Escape Artist Solution

    Turn Faces left or right: Statue Puzzle # 1

    • You can find keys #2 and #5 on the pedestals on each side of the statue in the middle of the room.
      Each of the three gates is identified by a yellow number painted on the wall beside it, and each lock takes two keys.
    • The yellow number is the sum of both key numbers and as 2+5 is 7, you will enter room no. 7. Put both keys in and the door will open.
    • To match the silhouettes on the wall next to the door, rotate the statues inside. This is how it should look:
    Statue stage 1
    Statue stage 1

    Break the extras: Statue Puzzle # 2

    • You may now open the door with the number ten by using Key #3 and Key #7. (3+7=10)
    • Inside, there will be six sculptures that may be shattered by pulling their heads backward when in contact with them.
    • The correct statues must be broken, as indicated by the artwork surrounding the entrance frame. These ones can be seen dead or missing in the artwork.
    • You must destroy the statues labeled Timmy, Michelle, and Windsor. This can be seen with highlighted marks. The door behind them will open, allowing you to obtain Key #1.
    Statue stage 2
    Statue stage 2

    Arrange height-wise: Statue Puzzle # 3

    • The last task in the Escape Academy Escape Artist solution is a little more difficult.
    • If you look closely at the paintings, you’ll notice that several of them share a fence. This fence is used to measure the height of the figures or the sculptures.
    • Your goal is to arrange them in the following order, starting from the left (shortest) to the right (tallest):
    1. A long-haired woman without glasses
    2. A man wearing spectacles
    3. A woman wearing spectacles
    4. Man with a beard
    5. Man in a hat
    Statue stage 3
    Statue stage 3

    That is all about Escape Academy Escape Artist Solution. For more guides like these, keep following Retrology.

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