NewsGTA 6 will feature Female Protagonist for the first time in series

    GTA 6 will feature Female Protagonist for the first time in series

    After numerous appeals and desperate cries from fans, Rockstar Games has finally confirmed the news about GTA 6. Yes, it’s finally happening! And another amazing addition is GTA 6 will have a female protagonist to play with. This is a first.

    It is confirmed that the game will supposedly include a Latina lady. She would be part of a “Bonnie and Clyde” duo of thieves. Not really a singular person like other male protagonists but at least they tried. The expectation was to have a single main protagonist who is a female. Nonetheless, this is a good start too as you can choose to play with females.

    I can only say that I understand where the bitterness from female gamers is coming from. Let’s just hope one day, a female main protagonist’s dream can be fulfilled. Until then, this is a brilliant update!

    The whole report came from Bloomberg, and they confirmed the news by talking to new and old Rockstar games employees. According to the reports, the cultural cleanup operation (which included removing and adding some stuff to make the game better in terms of morals) appears to have affected the creation of the future GTA in other ways.

    GTA 6 will take place in Miami

    According to those familiar with the game, early plans were for the addition of regions patterned after significant portions of North and South America. This plan was then scraped as it was quite impossible to stretch the game to such a wide region. Thus the new map is based on Miami with, of course, fictional areas. There is some speculation that this map will stretch wider than previous ones, adding the neighboring areas.

    Rockstar’s aim is to keep updating the game throughout time, introducing new missions and cities on a regular basis. The company’s management thinks this would result in better management during the game’s final months. Nonetheless, the game’s globe remains expansive, with more interior places than previous Grand Theft Auto games, which has an impact on the timeframe.

    Female characters in GTA 6

    If the claims of a female character in GTA 6 are genuine, it will be a huge step forward for the franchise. Since prior attempts at integrating women have generally been low-effort with little to no personalities, a good thought. There have been characters there but none of them seem to serve a big purpose in the storyline so this is a new step.

    If GTA 6 follows Rockstar’s tradition of making each new game larger and more cinematic than the previous, this new female protagonist will finally give the franchise the female lead it has long deserved. One who can stand toe-to-toe with any of the guys.

    When will GTA 6 release?

    It is believed and reported by Bloomberg that it will come out in 2024 finally. With the pace information is coming, this can be believed to be true. Some people are speculating that this may not still be true as GTA 6 has been under work since 2014 but never released any information so maybe they won’t do it now too.

    We can just hope this information about GTA 6 female protagonist and its release in 2024 is confirmed. No fan can wait any longer now and that’s expected. Meanwhile, keep tabs on the gaming section so you can be updated as soon as any other information comes out for GTA 6.

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