GamingRole-PlayingGenshin Impact Uproot Event: Successfully Capture the Great Snowboar King

    Genshin Impact Uproot Event: Successfully Capture the Great Snowboar King

    The third installment of the Autumn Crisis sub-event from Of Ballads and Brews, the main event of Genshin Impact 3.1, is called Uproot. You will be given the duty by Farabi and Edmund to apprehend the Great Snowboar King in order to conduct research. Here’s a guide to help you complete this mission of capturing the Great Snowboar King in Genshin Impact.

    The Great Snowboar King is a unique opponent and mini-boss in Dragonspine, east of Entombed City called Ancient Palace, and an objective of the “Ah, Fresh Meat!” global quest.


    Location of the Great Snowboar King

    The Great Snowboar King can be located west of the Skyfrost Nail or southeast of Dragonspine’s Statue of the Seven. Once they are close enough to the spot, players must glide down to the specified area where they can see frozen Boars. You ought to have unlocked the Great Snowboar King if you’ve finished the “Ah, Fresh Meat!” quest line.

    Summoning the Great Snowboar King

    Players must thaw the frozen Boars and kill them in order to call the Great Snowboar King. Until their flesh is harvested, these Dragonspine Boars would roam aimlessly, unlike typical pigs that would fly away when disturbed. After the three boars are vanquished, the Great Snowboar King will emerge from a little mountain ding.

    How to Defeat Great Snowboar King

    How to Defeat Great Snowboar King

    Although the mechanics of this challenge are similar to those of the previous ones in Autumn Crisis, the damage from your Normal Attacks will be insignificant compared to the Great Snowboar King. Given that there is a countdown for this, you might exhaust your time limit before the boar sustains any real harm so be careful of that.


    Let’s first dive into Snowboar’s attacks.

    • Charge: The most basic attack. The snowboar will charge you up to three times. It can stun itself if it charges into a wall or a hard object.
    • Royal Family: It will summon four small snowboars who will all launch snowballs at you. This can limit your vision even if not hit by them.
    • Berserker State: If snowboar get’s hit a lot, it will charge at you four times with more damage each time. This is Berserker State attack.
    • The King’s Rage: It will jump up and down repeatedly, causing snowballs to fall from the sky and dealing Physical damage as they land.

    Now let’s get onto the process of how to defeat him. Before anything else, start off with eating something that will keep you warm. Keep in mind that this area is extremely cold and you will need some kind of warmth to proceed.

    Stun it at much as you can

    You won’t do much damage to the boar with your normal attack. You must first knock it out in order to deal more damage and eventually capture the Great Snowboar King. There are multiple ways of knocking it out with a few being:

    • Use Hunter’s Shield that will occasionally spawn, and wait for the boar to rush at you with it on. The boar will pass out briefly as it collides.
    • Place yourself strategically close to any traps, then wait for the boar to charge in such a way that it will strike the trap rather than you. This will temporarily stun it. Keep in mind that the trap with a yellowish glow is the one that is ready for use.
    • Set the smoke machine to work. The boar won’t be physically stunned by this, but it will be confused and temporarily let down its guard, giving a big window.

    Prioritize small boars

    In the later half when small boars are summoned, deal with them first. If you keep them stalling, they will become a bigger hurdle and waste your energy. Also with them around, you won’t be able to reach the main boar so eliminate them first.

    Alternate between Quick and Heavy Attacks

    This is important because quick attacks are easier to use while running around. Since Snowboar uses to charge a lot, you’ll need to move out of the way fast. Keep striking it with fast attacks whenever you see an opening.

    On the other hand, heavy weapons or attacks are also must have. This is because there is a timer for this quest. Once the fight has begun, the timer will start and you’ll need to defeat it faster. For this, use heavy attacks while it’s stunning. Focus on stunning it for the most part and using heavy and powerful attacks to finish it off as fast as possible. Once the life drops to zero, the quest would be completed and you’ll be successful in completing the capture part.


    The reward for defeating the Great Snowboar King quest is 6-10 chilled meat from each encounter. Yes, you can defeat it again as it respawns in the same place after every 20 hours. Gather as much chilled meat as you want!

    That’s all on how to find, defeat and capture the Great Snowboar King in Genshin Impact. If you’ve missed anything, you can check our Genshin Impact guides sections and see through the ones which you want.

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