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    Genshin Impact Treasure Area 1 Clue Guide

    Genshin Impact comes out with new tasks and puzzles every now and then. This keeps the interest tied to the game all the time. The Lost Riches event debuted on Genshin Impact in 2021. This goes on for 10 days and has been a good way to keep players engaged in the tasks. By completing this, players have the opportunity to obtain amazing Materials as well as Weapon Ascension Materials. In this guide, we will show you how to complete and find the Genshin Impact Treasure Area 1 Clue along with Treasure boxes.

    Location of Treasure

    Location of Treasure
    Location of Treasure
    • Open the book which gives you a clue to where you need to go for the treasure. You will find it in the Lost Riches Tab.
    • On the map drawn on the left side, you’ll see an area encircled. Match this area to the general map.
    • This will point you toward the Chatrakam Cave. The quickest way to go there is by teleport but you can choose other means too. The advantage of teleport is that you’ll immediately spawn in the treasure area while on foot, you may need to find it.
    • If you spawn in, you should see a message that says you’ve entered the treasure area. This is a signal that now you need to look for the treasure.
    • Also, make sure to equip Treasure Seeking Seelie.

    Treasure Box # 1

    • Collect the three blue orbs present around. The blue orbs would look like the one shown in the picture below.
    Example of blue orbs
    Example of blue orbs
    • Maneuver about the area and you’ll be able to find them easily. All three are found near the tree seen in the picture.
    • Next, go to the marked spot near the tree. This is the spot where you’ll get the treasure from.
    • As you reach there, some monsters will spawn so finish them off. There will be a Seelie Vitality bar on the top of your screen and your goal is to fill it.
    • Once it is complete, you’ll see the treasure box in the place of the marker.

    Treasure Box # 2

    • You’ll need to repeat the previous steps again. Collect three blue orbs.
    • The orbs would be high up so look for jumps or fly to them.
    • Once you reach the marker, you’ll have a different task. Fill the Seelie Vitality with collecting energy around the marker.
    • There are many orbs around the area and more will spawn as you collect the previous ones. The orbs are light sea green in color. Here’s an example of how they look.
    Energy orbs for the second treasure box
    Energy orbs for the second treasure box
    • Once the challenge is completed, go back to the marker and the second treasure box would be there.

    Treasure Box # 3

    • Collect the three blue orbs again. These orbs are tricky to find.
    • One is on the ground and the other will require you to jump up from a jumping mushroom.
    • The third one is the one that will require the most effort. Climb up the wall in front of the orb and then drop down inside the ring.
    The tricky blue orb
    The tricky blue orb
    • Go to the marker on the map and start defeating monsters as you did for the first treasure. Keep killing them until Seelie vitality is full.
    • And finally, you’ll get the last treasure box in the marker spot.

    And that’s how you’ll get the Genshin Impact Treasure Area 1 Clue and treasure boxes. Check the Area 2 guide as we’ve also covered that.

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