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    Genshin Impact Hypostatic Symphony Dissonant Verse Day 1

    Genshin Impact is back with another event, Hypostatic Symphony Dissonant Verse, that can keep you busy. This time, it’s a new type of challenge which will make you struggle through the stages of different types. The Day 1 of the Genshin Impact Hypostatic Symphony Dissonant Verse is Sonata of the Snowy Path, which features the Cryo Hypostasis. This guide will help you with completing it.

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    Details about the event

    Hypostatic Symphony: Dissonant Verse event is divided into four stages. Every two days after the event begins, a new stage will be unlocked. There are rewards for every stage.

    In this event, you can also select from a variety of difficulties that can bring benefits when fighting Hypostasis. Also, there are four phases in which participants can participate, however you can obtain all the awards simply by completing the third challenge, Fearless.

    When it comes to modes, players have two options: Standard Scoring and Intense Scoring. The latter can only be unlocked by finishing all four stages of Standard Scoring. If you are playing in intense scoring mode, a few things will change for you. The first one is the choice in Dissonance as you’ll be only able to select one out of all the above. In rewards, you’ll only get Shattered Phenocryst but 30 of those which is higher than 25 of the standard ones.

    You can use Dissonance to defeat opponents faster during Hypostatic Symphony: Dissonant Verse.

    What is Dissonance?

    Dissonance details
    Dissonance details

    During combat, you have a new skill called dissonance that can be used to defeat opponents even faster. This skill has maximum usage, and the quantity of dissonance you can use is determined by the difficulty level. There are four types of Dissonance explained below.

    • Blazing Harmony: Increases the effectiveness of all party members. For 12s, Pyro DMG dealt is 150%.
    • Sustained Warmth: Restores 80% of the character’s Max HP to all party members. Removes the buildup of Sheer Cold.
    • Virtuosis Compulsion: Positions a Melting Flame field in front of the character, dealing Pyro DMG to opponents inside its AoE at 8-second intervals.
    • Manic Strike: The Frostfruit’s damage to the Cryo Hypostasis shield is enhanced by 150% for 8 seconds.

    Challenge Details

    1Blazing HarmonyCryo Slime x4Large Cryo Slime x2Winged Cryoshroom x2Winged Dendroshroom x1Primogem x 25
    Shattered Phenocryst x 25
    2Sustained WarmthIce Shieldwall Mitachurl x2Cryo Abyss Mage x1Frostarm Lawachurl x1Primogem x 25
    Shattered Phenocryst x 25
    3Virtuosis CompulsionRuin Defender x2Ruin Drake x1Primogem x 25
    Shattered Phenocryst x 25
    4Manic StrikeCryo Hypostasis x1Primogem x 30
    Shattered Phenocryst x 30

    Defeating Cryo Hypostasis

    Cryo Hypostasis
    Cryo Hypostasis

    Because Cryo has a weakness, it is advised to utilize Pyro characters. It can quickly melt Cryo barriers and cause severe elemental reaction damage. When the Cryo Hypostasis’s HP reaches zero, it will surround itself with a shield and barriers.

    Your charged assaults on the Frostfruits must be perfectly timed to break through the walls and Damage the Cryo Hypostasis shield. Make sure to only use charged attacks as simple ones won’t inflict any damage or make the task easier for you.

    If you’re having trouble breaking through the barriers, you can use a combination of Pyro assaults and Frostfruits to eliminate them. Furthermore, the accumulation of coldness might have a negative impact on your health over time. It is advised to stay as close to a heat source as possible to avoid coldness buildup or to consume Goulash to slow it down. You can spot some torches in the area so stay near them and continue to fight there unless it’s needed for you to move.

    And that’s all about the Cryo Hypostasis stage from Genshin Impact Hypostatic Symphony Dissonant Verse event you need to know about. For more similar guides, visit our site Retrology.

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