GamingRole-PlayingFrozen Flame Broken Valley Memorial Locations

    Frozen Flame Broken Valley Memorial Locations

    Frozen Flame, published by Ravenage Games, is a survival RPG set in Arcana, the world of dying dragons. Get ready to explore scenic biomes as you venture through them, completing exciting quests, gathering rare collectibles, and fighting the most merciless enemies.
    One of the collectibles you will get your hands on is the Memorial. As the name states, these are the keepers of the history of the world and Chronos. You will have to collect these as you make your way through the Broken Valley. 

    You will find this valley in shambles. The stench of abandonment adorns this area. You will find seven Memorials here interspersed in different regions. In this guide we will help you find all the Frozen Flame Broken Valley Memorial locations:

    Frozen Flame Broken Valley Memorial Locations

    Memorial 1

    Your first Memorial awaits you at Cooper Island. Fast travel your way to Heartbreak Island and from there you can reach Cooper Island by flying towards Northwest. You will be able to spot the Memorial once you land. 

    Memorial 2 

    Now that you have collected your first Memorial, head back to Heartbreak Island as this is where you will find the portal to the next dimension. Right next to the portal hub is your Memorial. Collect it. 

    Memorial 3

    Make your way to the maps and head to the SouthEast of Heartbreak Island. You will have to fly to Merchants Island. This is the island with a lot of windmills and this is where you will come across your third Memorial waiting for you to land.

    Memorial 4

    This next Memorial rests on Kitash Island. Spot this island on the map by keeping an eye out for a colossal tower that will be very prominent on the map. This area also contains a well in case you want to refill your water canteen. 

    Memorial 5

    You will find this Memorial on Hermit’s Island. To get there, head south at Kitash Island and then fly upwards to Hermit’s Island. You will spot a gigantic tree there and next to it will be the Memorial.

    Frozen Flame Memorial Locations

    Memorial 6

    You will have to travel back to Heartbreak Island for this one. You can use your Returnal Stone to travel back to it and from there, teleport yourself to Green Tag Island. This is the island where you started your adventure into Broken Valley.

    Rotate yourself 180 degrees and then head East towards the forest region where you will find the Memorial. 

    Frozen Flame Memorial Locations

    Memorial 7

    You can find this last Memorial on the southeast of the map. You will identify the region as an island dotted with gravestones. The Memorial sits exactly at the core of this region. 

    Frozen Flame Memorial Locations

    This was all about the Frozen Flame Broken Valley location. For more similar guides, keep following Retrology. 

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