GamingFinally, a new Fatal Fury/Garou game is on its way, SNK confirms

    Finally, a new Fatal Fury/Garou game is on its way, SNK confirms

    Among the various announcements made at EVO 2022, SNK revealed that they are working on a new Fatal Fury/Garou project for development. This would be the first such project after 20 years since Garou: Mark of the Wolves release in 1999 (also known as Fatal Fury: Mark of the Wolves).

    The teaser lasts roughly 30 seconds and shows many views of a gloomy metropolis with some shadowy individuals in the backdrop. We finally come across a familiar figure in the form of Rock Howard, son of Geese Howard, protégé of Terry Bogard, and the primary protagonist of the original Garou game, who stands with his back to us.

    It’s renaming to Fatal Fury/Garou, as well as the usage of Rock Howard in the teaser picture, suggests that it may be a sequel to Mark of the Wolves. Aside from the artwork, the teaser film provided almost nothing regarding the substance of the plot.

    Another fascinating fact is shown in the video: Tonko, Aki Senno, is working on a new Fatal Fury / Garou game. This illustrator has worked on Fatal Fury games with SNK on and off. This might possibly be related to the fact that this is a sequel.

    Lines like “The City of Legend Still Breathes,” “Hungry Wolves Back on the Prowl,” and “A Fresh Destiny Hidden in the Darkness” are in the trailer. These can be seen as a promise to new plotlines that branch off from the 20-year-old story. These lines all we have at the moment as there is nothing else revealed as of yet.

    Terry Bogard

    Terry Bogard is the main protagonist in the Fatal Fury series. He has appeared in every Fatal Fury and King of Fighters game and is one of the company’s go-to characters for crossover games, merchandising, and PR.

    Fatal Fury’s initial and foremost star is Terry Bogard has never gone out of sight. He is been part of the artwork for years with numerous appearances on the internet. Now with this official release I doubt more fanwork would be needed as we are getting the official thing. He has also previously appeared in the King of Fighters trilogy and as a DLC player in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. So, he does keep up appearances.

    Another game was announced at the EVO 2022 which is also nostalgic to a large number of people. It is Street Fighter 6 so do check the details about that game too! Also, keep yourself updated by following our news section.

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