NewsEzra Miller arrested for hitting a woman with a chair

    Ezra Miller arrested for hitting a woman with a chair

    The Flash” star Ezra Miller has been arrested after hitting a woman with a chair. According to the police the woman was left with a deep half-inch cut on her forehead. This is not the first time Ezra Miller has been arrested. In under a month, this is their second time being arrested. Earlier this month they were arrested for disorderly conduct at a karaoke bar. This also got a lot of attention. Ezra Miller has been getting a lot of negative press coverage because they just cannot seem to stay out of trouble.

    According to the Hawaii police department, the 29-year-old actor became “irate” before they hit the woman. When they were asked to leave the house of an acquaintance in Pāhoa, Hawaii they became”irate”, the police reported. This led them to lash out and hit a 26-year-old woman at a private party. Moreover, the victim refused treatment after the assault by the actor.

    Ezra Miller was arrested by the police at a traffic stop. However, they were released and the investigation is pending. Their case is still open and being actively investigated.

    According to Associated Press, about 10 calls were made to the Hilo Police since 7th March. Each of them involved Ezra arguing with people, filming people and misbehaving. Miller has been involved in a lot of acts that are concerning. This can also pose a great threat to their career. Miller plays a major in the Fantastic Beasts franchise. They play Credence, also known as Aurelius Dumbledore in the films. His future in DC is also at stake because an emergency meeting was called by Warner Bros. and DC on March 30th to discuss his future at the studio. This act of misconduct will only make it worse.

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    This is all on Ezra Miller hitting a woman in Hawaii. Let us know what you think about this in the comment section below. Does this come off as a surprise to you? For more news and updates keep following Retrology.

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